Aaron Rodgers can’t reach Tom Brady Level, Joy Taylor made a shocking statement

Aaron Rodgers And Tom Brady are “Nothing Alike”, she said

Fans are calling the Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers situations same. Both are a great quarterback and their last step before retiring from the NFL looks alike. 

Tom Brady, the legendary quarterback finished his legendary era with Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Before that, he has a long connection with New England patriots. He played 23 seasons in the NFL, of which 20 of the season were with the Patriots. He retired and ended his era this year with Tampa Bay.

Aaron also seems to doing this. The legendary quarterback has spent his 18 seasons with Green Bay Packers and now moving on to join the New York Jets this coming season.

While there are many undeniable similarities are looking between the two situations, Fox Sports Analyst, Joy Taylor doesn’t agree with that. She says the scenarios are “Nothing Alike”. 

“It’s very unfair to compare the Jets’ situation to the Bucs’ situation,” Taylor said on Speak. “… They’re not the same situation. It’s going to be a very, very difficult task for Aaron Rodgers to do what Brady did in Tampa Bay.”

She said: “yeah, they’re “nothing alike.” And I don’t believe in fair or unfair, but if I did, I would say it’s very unfair to compare this jets situation to the Bucs situation. Absolutely. Now, we didn’t know that Tom Brady was going to go to the Bucs right away and win a championship, but Brady had his choice of pretty much anywhere in the league that needed a quarterback and he chose the Bucs. He’s a smart guy. How did it work out? And then we saw Matthew Stafford the year after that. So if you go to the right situation with the right setup, it can work.”

Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers
Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers Source/Sky Sports

She further said, ” And that’s what Tom Brady went to. In my opinion, they had a better coach in Tampa than they do with the jets. Quarterback’s better. Tom Brady’s, better than Aaron Rogers. We’re not going to argue that. He’s certainly a better leader than Aaron Rogers. So when all that stuff was going on, who was the guy getting everybody together? Brady. Who was the guy who was putting everybody on the group chats? Brady. Right. Am I lying? No. Shady. Am I lying?”

When Brady was in his first season in Tampa Bay, he led the franchise to the Super Bowl championship title and that became the second ever super bowl title for Tampa Bay.

The New York Jets are considered a strong contender to win this year’s Super Bowl Championship and Rogers has the opportunity to do the same this coming season, but Taylor isn’t sure about that. 

Joy Taylor

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New York Jets are currently ranked seventh among the teams most likely to win the upcoming Super Bowl. According to most sportsbooks, his odds are around +1600.

Brady is considered a legendary player and holds so many records. He has a record of winning seven Super Bowl titles. If Aaron wants to lead the Jets to Super Bowl as Brady did in his first season with Tampa Bay, Rodgers will have to perform much better with his new team.

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