Aaron Rodgers Trade to New England Patriots, See updates

Will quarterback Aaron Rodgers rejected a trade to New England Patriots.

New York Jets veteran quarterback chose to be traded to the AFC club’s member New England Patriots. Did the team attempt to acquire the trade for Arron Rodgers this off-season?

On Wednesday, “The Carton Show” host Craig Carton reported that the Patriots made a decision to trade Aaron Rodgers.

“Aaron Rodgers almost wasn’t a Jet,” Carton said. “The New England Patriots made an offer to the Green Bay Packers to get Aaron Rodgers, and when Aaron Rodgers heard it, his agent said, ‘No, we ain’t playing for New England. We want to be a Jet.”

The “wanna be a Jet” part is inarguable … because that’s what happened. Rodgers donning a Patriots jersey to try to pick up where Tom Brady left off? Mac Jones maybe dealt to the Jets in the swap? Jones – who sort of admits he needs to upgrade his attitude – now continuing under the mentorship of a boss in Belichick who tried to dump him?

Craig Carton added, “Those snakes in the grass in New England can never be trusted, I want to thank my man Aaron Rodgers for recognizing you don’t go play for Satan.”

However, NFL fans also reacted to the massive news:

Washed, jets should’ve traded for Lamar, a fan suggester to the Jets.

Glad it’s finally done. The Jets are gonna be a problem this season, another fan said.

Wow! How do you feel NY? #Jets, another fan commented in a sarcastic way.

Packers trading Super Bowl win to New York Jets, another fan tweeted.

What do you think Aaron Rodgers really reject a trade to the New England Patriots?

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