The Baltimore Ravens made history before the start of the regular season

The AFC North division team Baltimore Ravens is making history in 2023.

It is believed that the Baltimore Ravens have made NFL history by having an all-Black quarterback group, along with coaches.

“So, what the Ravens have right now is definitely groundbreaking, even in 2023,” The Baltimore Banner mentioned. “The significance of it is that we are now in the era of the Black quarterback in the NFL.”

As per a report by ‘The Baltimore Banner’, the group signifies a step forward for a league that had marginalized Black individuals from occupying the most significant position in football for several decades.

Baltimore Ravens quarterback room
Baltimore Ravens quarterback room, Source: Twitter

Throughout NFL history, there have been only a handful of Black quarterbacks who have started games. Therefore, it is truly remarkable that the Baltimore Ravens have an entire group of Black quarterbacks consisting of Tyler Huntley, Lamar Jackson, and Anthony Brown.

The group is being guided by two Black coaches, namely Coach Kerry Dixon and quarterbacks Coach Tee Martin.

Here are how fans are reacting to the news:

Last season, Lamar Jackson was absent for a period of time, but the Ravens still achieved 10 victories and advanced to the playoffs. However, they were eliminated in their Wild Card game, and controversy arose when Jackson requested a trade due to his dissatisfaction with his contract situation.

In the 2023 season, the Baltimore Ravens signed wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. and also secured a contract for someone else. This positive development is indicating a bright future for the team.

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