Bryce Young Injury Update: What to Expect in Fantasy Football Week 4

The overall first choice in this year’s NFL draft, Bryce Young, was forced to miss last week’s practice because of an ankle injury he picked up in the previous match. Without their top quarterback, the Carolina Panthers suffered a further setback, bringing their record to 0-3.

Bryce Young

Even though the Panthers may be in the early stages of a rebuilding season, getting Young, their bright young quarterback, as much game time as possible is still a priority. Will he be prepared for action in Week 4? That is the question at hand.

Bryce Young’s Injury Update

Bryce Young missed every practice all through the whole week leading up to the previous game because of an ankle issue. He was officially ruled out of Saturday’s game against the New Orleans Saints by the team on Friday. It is essential to note that Young had shown amazing resolve by continuing to play after becoming hurt.

He even directed a final touchdown drive in an effort to build a comeback. He was unable to play against the Seattle Seahawks the next week, though, and coach Frank Reich said the team was still monitoring his health.

Augusta Stone, reporting on the various injuries the Panthers are dealing with, stated, “Panthers HC Frank Reich… says they are going through the concussion protocol with WR Jonathan Mingo, and they’re also continuing to evaluate QB Bryce Young. So not a ton of news from yesterday.”

The Mystery Surrounding Bryce Young’s Injury

During an important third-down scramble in the second part of the Week 2 game, Young was hurt. He initially appeared to complete the third down, but as he attempted to outwit a defender, he slipped and fell to the ground.

He stumbled forward and was judged to be just inches timid of the goal. It is thought that this is when he hurt his right ankle. Surprisingly, he persisted and did not seem to be struggling but the discomfort might have been concealed by adrenaline.

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This injury prevented Young from practicing at all the next week, therefore he was forced to sit out. In Young’s absence, the team resorted to Andy Dalton, who threw for more than 300 yards. In their attempt to mount a comeback, the Panthers unleashed Dalton, giving him 58 pass attempts. Nearly as many (71) tries were made here as in Young’s first two games of the season.

Also, because the Seattle Seahawks‘ secondary was not as good as that of the New Orleans Saints and Atlanta Falcons, the wide receivers for the Panthers were able to get more space.

When Can We Expect Bryce Young’s Return?

Aftеr a full wееk of rеcovеry, Young might play this wееkеnd. Hе was not givеn a high anklе sprain diagnosis and thе tеam did not call for a multi-wееk absеncе, thеrеforе hе is rеgardеd as day-to-day.

Thе Panthеrs will probably bе cautious with thеir valuablе quartеrback, but if hе practicеs at all, it might bе in a bigger capacity than last wееk.

Thеrе is a fair chancе to sее him back in action in Wееk 5 whеn thе Panthеrs takе on thе Dеtroit Lions if hе is unablе to play against thе Vikings this wееk.

Whеn thеir grеat quartеrback rеturns to thе fiеld, football fans, fantasy football managers, and Panthеrs supportеrs arе all holding thеir brеath.

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