NFL host Charissa Thompson got shockingly robbed at her home

Charissa Thompson shared a horrible story of her

Shocking news has been swirling around the NFL world since a podcast went viral. The FOX and Amazon Prime NFL host Charissa Thompson revealed shocking news in a podcast with Erin Andrews.

Television host Charissa Thompson is considered to be one of the top hosts in the NFL world. She is a former ESPN analyst and proved her legacy in her domain.

Thompson has gone through a lot of adverse situations before but what she explained about last week was horrible. Thompson’s Los Angeles home was horribly robbed and she shared the incident on the “iHeart” podcast with Erin Andrews.

She said she got a notification from her security system when she was on the road and saw masked men exiting her home with bags.

Charissa Thompson
Charissa Thompson (Source-Instagram)

“I was at the ranch. I got a text message in the morning that said my front door in L.A. had been, you know. … The alarm had went off at 12:15 at night. And I was like, that’s weird. So, I checked my cameras and sure enough, two guys running out my front door, bags in their hands,” she said.

“And I immediately started bawling and this feeling in my stomach of like, holy s— I’ve just been robbed. And now it’s the panic of like, trying to check the other cameras, the angles, and to expedite the specifics,” she further said. 

Charissa Thompson revealed that she has gone through many situations, expressing her fear about security while talking about her past encounters with hackers and stalkers. Recalling past experiences, she stressed the importance of feeling safe in one’s area.

She said, despite having heavy security measures such as extensive precautions and experienced dogs, burglars entered. It sounds pretty scary.

After hearing the news, fans start praying for her.

Charissa Thompson shared her scary home incident news
Charissa Thompson shared her scary home incident news (Source- Instagram)

“Oh my gosh I’m bawling. People suck and create fear in a safe world ❤️” one fan wrote.

“😢im sorry!!! people are out of control nowadays, desperate for $. i can’t imagine how scared you’re feeling🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻” one fan added.

“Ugh the worst feeling. Thank god you weren’t home 🙏🏻” one fan added.

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Ugh my heart hurts for you. My apartment was broken into a year ago while I was sleeping there and I haven’t been the same since. It gets better over time, but losing the sense of security and safety is very damaging mentally. Praying for you girl!” another fan wrote. 

See the full podcast here:

Hopefully, Charissa Thompson is Ok.

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