Christian McCaffrey’s school friend won the US Open 2023

Christian McCaffrey shocked by seeing his school friend in US Open

San Francisco 49ers star Christian McCaffrey recently shared a piece of big news on his Instagram and it was heartwarming for him. He was very happy and mentioned it on the Instagram stories. 

One of McCaffrey’s high school friends has made history and taken home the US Open trophy. McCaffrey attended high school at Valor Christian High School. In the high school in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, golfer Wyndham Clark was one of his fellow students. 

On Sunday, Clark achieved a milestone victory and won the US Open. It was the first major championship of his career. Now it seems McCaffrey is no more the most famous alumni of Valor Christian High School, at least not at the moment.

Recently, running back Christian McCaffrey congratulated him on the golfer’s first-ever PGA Tour win which he earned last month at the Wells Fargo Championship. It was a big moment for Wyndham as it was his first-ever PGA tour win. 

Now it has been just one month and Wyndham won the US Open at Los Angeles Country Club. McCaffrey was for sure watching the game was cheering for him.

He posted a video of Clark sinking his final putt to stop Rory McIlroy with the message “The Boy!”. He included emojis with the message. 

In the Video McCaffery can heard cheering for his friend. 

Following his win at the Los Angeles Country Club, the 29-year-old Clark has made a huge jump and reached No. 13 in the Official World Golf Ranking.

“I feel like I belong on this stage, and even two, three years ago when people didn’t know who I was, I felt like I could still play and compete against the best players in the world,” Clark told reporters. “I felt like I’ve shown that this year.”

Christian McCaffrey
Christian McCaffrey

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He said this earlier in the week: “I will say that I came here (to LA CC) with my good buddy, PJ. He’s a member. He’s a good player and he really knows the golf course.

“That 18 holes was the equivalent of probably playing 36 holes because he was telling me how certain putts break, how this one is faster than that. If you’re here, you want to go there. He was spot on.

“When I left that practice round I felt like I didn’t even need a practice round. I felt like it was that in-depth.”

Clark After Winning the trophy

“Why did you win today?” Clark was asked after he lifts the trophy.

“I felt like my mom was watching over me today,” he says. “Miss you mom. And I worked so hard and so many times I visualised winning this championship and it felt like my time.

“US Opens are tough. It’s tough on a back nine. I kept saying I can do this, I can do this. I ground it on the way in.”

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