Dallas Cowboys fans got furious with sports anchor Mike Leslie

Dallas Cowboys fans reacted to Mike Leslie’s opinion of the team.

The Dallas Cowboys are one of the most underrated and tradition-rich franchises in the history of professional football, but it’s safe to say that the team hasn’t enjoyed much recent success and a particularly brutal truth that highlights.

Dallas Cowboys whole team

On Friday this week in Dallas, WFAA-sports anchor Mike Leslie shared some downright brutal news with Dallas Cowboys fans, revealing that the number has reached five figures since the Cowboys appeared in the NFC title game.

“As of today, June 2, 2023, it has been 10,000 days since the Dallas Cowboys last played in an NFC Championship Game,” Leslie wrote on Twitter on Friday afternoon.

This is absolutely brutal news for the Dallas Cowboys fans and they reacted to it:

Because those other teams have never been to the Championship in playoffs. There was a time when you just expected the Cowboys to be there, a fan replied.

I can list several teams who can say the same. Why mention Dallas?, another fan said.

thank you for this reminder Mike, the pain has been unreal, another fan replied sorrowfully.

You could have woken up today and done anything at all… and you chose to stomp on our hearts, another fan tweeted.


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