Former Patriots Player Calls for Tom Brady’s Return During Team’s Struggles

The New England Patriots are having a really tough time this season, and they have only won one game out of 5 games. This is not what fans are ready to see from the Patriots, especially under their head coach, Bill Belichick.

They had a terrible game at their home place, losing 34-0 to the New Orleans Saints, as well as before that, they were beaten badly by the Dallas Cowboys with a score of 38-3.

Playoffs that are like the big championships at the end of the season are starting to feel like a distant dream for the Patriots because they are in a very strong division called the AFC East.

Tom Brady
Former Patriots Player Calls for Tom Brady’s Return During Team’s Struggles

But one former Patriots player believes there is a way to turn matters around and that includes bringing back Tom Brady who is one of the greatest players the team has ever had.

Asante Samuel a former Patriots player, told TMZ,

“Here is what they can do Tom Brady could win a Super Bowl right now for the New England Patriots. He can win, so they should bring him back.”


He can arrive right away and help the New England Patriots win the Super Bowl against this squad that everyone believes to be incredibly terrible.

Even so, there is a major problem with this plan. Tom Brady is retired and, of course, he is also an owner of another NFL team. This concept would delight some Patriots supporters. Because of this, it is quite improbable that he will join the Patriots once again.

The Patriots will wait until the NFL Draft if they do decide to make a quarterback change. Teams choose new players to join their teams at a large event called the NFL Draft. According to their recent performance, the Patriots are likely to be selected highly in the first round of the draft, and there they may find a young or skilled quarterback who can guide them in the future.

Evеn if thе Patriots arе currеntly having a difficult timе, it is еssеntial to keep in mind how outstanding Tom Brady was whilе he was a mеmbеr of thе squad. He won six Supеr Bowl titlеs with the Patriots, which is more than any other playеr in history.

Onе of thе bеst quartеrbacks thе NFL has еvеr sееn, in my opinion. It was thе еnd of an еra for both him and thе Patriots whеn hе dеpartеd thеm in 2020 to sign with thе Tampa Bay Buccanееrs.

While the idea of Tom Brady coming back to the Patriots is exciting, it’s also important to be realistic. His retirement seems pretty final, and he’s busy with his new team in Tampa Bay.

As the Patriots continue to face challenges in the current season, experts and fans will see how they can handle their quarterback situations as well and they can try to find their way back to win in the future as well.

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It is a time of constant change and not a certain conclusion for the team, but in the sports world anything can happen and the Patriot’s loyal fans are always there and cheering them for whatever will happen in the future.

The former player of the Patriots believes that Tom Brady is the only one who can help the Patriots in tough times and he praised Tom Brady a lot in the discussion.

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