Is Hailee Steinfeld a curse for Josh Allen? Fans asks for breakup

Josh Allen and Hailee Steinfeld have been dating since March
Josh Allen and his girlfriend Hailee Steinfeld

Buffalo Bills star quarterback Josh Allen’s performance this season has not seen as much as he is known for. He has been seen struggling on the field.

Looks like Fans are quite frustrated over this. They are blaming Josh Allen’s girlfriend Hailee Steinfeld for his poor performance. Fans think that the Oscar-nominated actress, Hailee is the reason behind his recent struggles on the field.

Hailee Steinfeld is quite known for her role in Hawkeye, Bumblebee and lot others.

Josh and Hailee have been dating since March 2023 after his breakup with longtime girlfriend Brittany Williams. Brittany and Josh are childhood friends.

It has been seen a lot of time that wives or girlfriend of the players has been blamed for their performance. Bills are currently 5-5 and Josh Allen is leading the squad.

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Allen has good statistics this season with his 70.3 percent completion rate but somehow fans believe that he is to blame for the team’s mediocre performance this season.

Some Bills fans are even saying that Josh Allen should break up with his girlfriend Hailee Steinfeld.

“Josh Allen needs to break up with Hailee Steinfeld right now,” one fan commented.

“At some point, Josh Allen is giving away games. … He reminds me of Brett Favre. Brett Favre might have been the most talented quarterback of his generation, but he lost a lot of games with recklessness and mistakes.”

Bills offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey recently got fired and this was a bit disturbing. Seems fans are losing their belief in the Bills and Hailee has been the center of trolling.

Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills will again be back in action against the New York Jets on November 20. It will interesting to see how Josh Allen performs.

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