Jalen Hurts shocking statement about women, Fans shocked

Jalen hurts shocking statement about his agent

The man who created history by signing a massive contract with Philadelphia Eagles has given a shocking statement. Jalen signed a 5 year, $225 million extension with the Eagles recently that includes $179 million guaranteed. 

Jalen Hurts was previously playing For the Eagles and after signing for a $225 million contract extension he became the highest paid player in the NFL history.  But this contract extension has the great role of her agent Nicole Lynn. 

Jalen Hearts is managed by the all-women management team of the sports agency Klutch Sports Group. 

An all-women team, three of whom are Black, is a rarity in the NFL world and has received notable attention for setting a precedent for diversifying a historically male-dominated industry, sports management. 

Recently in an interview, Jalen Hurts expressed his gratitude and acknowledged Lynn for negotiating what is believed to be the largest contract ever by a female agent. 

“It means the world. Not only to set a precedent for what could be done but to acknowledge that women can do it too,” Jalen said.  “She’s pretty lit for doing that — that’s the word these days, lit. She did a great job with it.

Jalen Hurts with agent Nicole Lynn
Jalen Hurts with agent Nicole Lynn

I’m appreciative of her and hopefully, she’s setting a precedent and she’s empowering people to do it in the future,” as per ESPN’s Tim McManus. Hurts said. “I don’t put sex on that, I don’t put a race on that, I don’t put anything: If you’re a grinder, let’s grind, let’s work. Let’s do it.”

In a field consisting of mostly white men or in a male-dominated field, Nicole became the first black woman to represent an NFL quarterback playing in a superball.

Also, Jalen’s talent and superb performance helped Lynn to finalize the deal which became the highest-paid deal in NFL history ever negotiated by a female agent. 

She is the NFL’s new powerbroker who at just,34, got Jalen Hurts a $225 million contract with the Eagles. As per reports, 50 Cent could make a tv series about her life.

Hurts further said, “I have mixed emotions right now,” “I am grateful, I am thankful, but … I am just so hungry. The hard work continues, and the fire continues to burn.

“I’ve just been on this constant quest of trying to be the best player I can be with no limits. Just trying to be the best version of myself, the best player, leader and man I can be. And that will never change.”

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Top points covered : 

Jalen Hurts signed a massive $225 million contract extension with the Philadelphia Eagles, making him the highest-paid player in NFL history.

Her agent, Nicole Lynn played a key role in negotiating the deal.

The all-female team, three of whom are Black, has paid notable attention to diversifying the historically male-dominated industry.

Jalen expresses his gratitude to Nicole and acknowledges her for setting an example that women can do the same, regardless of sex or race.

Jalen Hurts and Nicole Lynn are both inspired to continue working hard and strive to be the best version of themselves after achieving such an important milestone.

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