JJ Watt gave a shocking reaction to the “Baby Gronk” Controversy

JJ Watt says its not for “Baby Gronk”

Social media, the internet is a place where anyone can go viral, things can spread like fire. Whenever people like something or see something strange, they share it a lot and make to reach every people.

The recent viral news for which people have been frenzy over the last few days is “Baby Gronk”. Baby Gronk is a youth football player who has been viral after meeting Olivia Dunne during her visit to LSU’s campus. 

This story takes a huge turn after a post from “The Athletic” related to the story. The Athletic posted an article and a tweet related to “Baby Gronk” and his father. After that, the news spread like a fire on the internet.  

Baby Gronk is an insane kid, his father Jake San Miguel says. He says that his son is in intensive training to become an elite football player.

“He’s a real athlete. He’s not a normal kid,” San Miguel said of his ten-year-old son. “He has been trained and programmed since he was 6 years old.”

Later the New York Times also tweeted the news.

After the news got viral fans started to react to it a lot. Some fans compared it to NFL quarterback Todd Marinovich, who is considered a failed NFL quarterback. He was also heavily trained for football success at a very young age by his father. 

Recently retired and future Hall of Famer, Star football defensive end JJ Watt reacted to the controversy after a fan asked for his opinion on this. 

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“I’ve always said…kids should play multiple sports and kids should be allowed to be kids,” Watt tweeted on Friday. 

“I’m not against advanced leagues, better competition, etc. But no kid should be playing one sport all year & no kid should be training ‘like a pro’ until at least high school. They’re kids.”

JJ Watt
JJ Watt

Watt agrees that it is a good thing that “Baby Gronk” and his father want football success, it is their right to dream of football success but such a hard routine, hard work, and heavy diet is not right at such a young age. He can do all this when he’s a little older.

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