Bengals’ Joe Burrow: Disclosed the Mystery Behind the Deleted Post and “Thursday Night Uncertainty”

The Cincinnati Bengals quickly removed a post that showed their top quarterback, Joe Burrow, appearing to wear a brace or black sleeve on his throwing hand. This move shocked the team’s fan base.

Before the Bengals’ important “Thursday Night Football” game against the Baltimore Ravens, a lot of people were wondering about the health of the mysterious post that was first shared on X and then deleted.

Joe Burrow
Joe Burrow

Burrow was seen in the removed footage getting off the team bus in Baltimore with his right hand noticeably covered in what looked like a brace or protective sleeve.

Upon careful inspection of the video, it was discovered that Burrow was also holding an iPad in his right hand, which raised more questions about the seriousness of the possible injury.

Though there are visible signs that point to a potential problem, the Bengals have not released an official statement on Joe Burrow’s condition.

After making a full recovery from a calf condition that he had to deal with earlier in the season, the quarterback is largely thought to be healthy going forward.

The deleted post has individuals and experts equally wondering about the meaning of Burrow’s apparent hand brace as excitement mounts for the high-stakes game against the Baltimore Ravens.

After a tough 30-27 setback to the Texans in their most recent game, the Bengals have a desire to make mistakes and maintain their lead in the AFC North.

The fact that defensive end Trey Hendrickson, who was originally listed on the injury report because of a hyperextended knee suffered in the Texans game, is expected to make a return on Thursday night adds more details to the situation.

Hendrickson’s return strengthens the Bengals’ defensive line-up and offers some assurance in the face of Burrow’s uncertainty.

Bengal Face Uphill Battle

But as thе Bеngals gеt rеady to play thе Ravеns without somе of thеir bеst playеrs, thеy havе morе work ahеad of thеm. Both dеfеnsivе еnd Sam Hubbard (anklе) and widе rеcеivеr Tее Higgins (hamstring) will bе out of thе starting linеup.

Thеsе significant absеncеs makе thе Bеngals’ dеsirе for rеvеngе against thе Ravеns who won thеir last mееting in Wееk 2 by a slim margin of 27–24 еvеn morе difficult. Joe Burrow’s Interview goes viral online and fans also go wild after watching his interview.

The Bengals need to win in order to keep their prospects of winning the division for the third straight season alive. The AFC North race is getting hotter.

On the flip side, a defeat might have a big effect on their position in the very competitive league.

The tension around this vital Thursday Night Football game has just increased as supporters wait for official word on Joe Burrow’s condition and the circumstances surrounding the deleted tweet.

With questions around the health of their quarterback, the Bengals are facing an important moment that could determine how the season plays out and possibly reshape their goals in the difficult AFC North.

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