Matthew Stafford has been among the worst quarterbacks in the NFL since their hip injury

The 2023 NFL season saw Matthew Stafford step onto the field with a remarkable level of health, rivaling his best years in the league. Nevertheless, amidst the Los Angeles Rams’ ongoing battle with pass protection woes, Stafford’s well-being also suffered a blow.

During a thrilling showdown in Week 4 against the formidable Indianapolis Colts, Stafford encountered a fateful encounter that left his hip feeling less than stellar. Fans have been left wondering whether the quarterback would ever return to his previous brilliance after his play took an unexpected turn after that historic hit.

Matthew Stafford
Matthew Stafford

In the last month, Stafford has found himself in the 22nd spot regarding EPA (Expected Points Added). Additionally, his EPA + CPOE (a fancy metric that measures completion percentage over expectation) of -0.004 puts him in the 24th position among a group of 28 talented quarterbacks.

Stafford’s recent performance throughout four games could have been better, ranking as the second-worst stretch during McVay’s tenure. Jared Goff‘s performance in Weeks 6-10 of 2019 was quite disappointing, with a composite score of -0.017 EPA + CPOE.

It was the only stretch where he performed even worse. During a thrilling five-week stretch, the Rams dominated the field, showcasing their incredible skills and determination. However, their momentum was briefly interrupted when they enjoyed a well-deserved bye in Week 9 of that unforgettable season.

They have some work to do in pass protection, as they were rated 29th. According to the folks at Pro Football Focus, the Ram’s offensive line had a tough time in 2019 regarding protecting their quarterback. They were rated 29th in pass blocking, so they needed to improve. Additionally, their pass-block win rate ranked 22nd, indicating they were only sometimes successful in fending off those pesky defenders.

The Rams are struggling in pass-blocking this season, ranking 29th according to PFF and 27th according to ESPN Stats and Info’s pass-block win rate. Given the significant role the offensive line plays in their offense, it is only natural to wonder why the Rams have only recently begun prioritizing this position in the current season.

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