NFL Fans got furious with Dallas Cowboys’ New Nickname

NFL Fans criticized Dallas Cowboys’ New Nickname

Former Quarterback Kellen Moore’s days are gone when he was famous as the offensive plays for the Dallas Cowboys. Now Head Coach Mike McCarthy will be in charge of the team.

According to the media this week, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott reveals about the team’s offense. Prescott said the violation has a new nickname due to McCarthy’s schematic tweaks.

Dallas Cowboys Team

“Funny, this is the Texas Coast,” Prescott said, via ProFootballTalk. “We just renamed it that, the quarterbacks. It’s got definitely some West Coast principles, but has a little bit of what we’ve done in the past and just obviously marrying them together with a lot of detail and maybe in a sense, a system that’s not out there. So there you go.”

Kristen Tanis replied to this news jokingly:

Isn’t Houston the big city in Texas on a coast? I get they are trying to do a play on “West Coast” offense but not sure it hits the mark.🤔

If Dak & Co like the name, good for them. Just as long as McCarthy scraps that play with Zeke at Center.😂😂😂

NFL fans have plenty to say about Dallas Cowboys’ new nickname.

Ok but if not going well the media and others will call it Texas Toast!, one fan replied.

Another fan said I nicknamed it too. I call it the “lose in the first round of the playoffs” offense.

when most of the plays are from the 2010 Green Bay team, another fan replied.

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