An NFL insider revealed a shocking truth about Bryce Young just before the draft

An NFL insider revealed a shocking truth about Bryce Young

Bryce Young the the big name of the 2023 NFL draft has been making headlines again. He is the top name and is considered the first player to get picked in the NFL draft this year. 

Young is the 2021 Heisman Trophy winner as a sophomore, which also puts a surety of his draft as a top pick. 

Every big name in the sports world, many experts are confident and sure that Bryce will be the first-round pick, but an NFL insider doesn’t agree with this.

His opinions are different. He revealed a big shocking statement about Bryce Young in his recent interview. 

NFL analyst Merril Hoge said he wouldn’t call Young’s name on Thursday night at the big show as he is not capable enough.

According to the Dan Patrick Show which the former ESPN draft analyst appeared on Wednesday, said C.J. Stroud is the only name that comes to his mind. He said he is the only quarterback he will assign a first-round grade in the draft.

“You take Bryce Young into that pocket-collapsing environment, he doesn’t have a big enough arm, so he’s limited in where he’s going to be able to throw, and he’s not the same quarterback (as Stroud). He can’t make those throws.”,  Hoge said.

Hoge said he liked Bryce, but durability concerns would stop him to pick him on day 1. He added, “No award or championship won means they can play in the NFL.” He can’t spend a day 1 pick for a national champion at a college level and a Heisman Trophy winner. 

For weeks, it has been expected that the Carolina Panthers will take Alabama’s Bryce Young but CJ Stroud and Will Lewis are also being discussed as potential No. 1 overall picks.

“I wouldn’t put a first-round pick on him because that expectation is you’re going to be elite, you’re going to take us to a championship,” “And you have to have this as part of your evaluation: He is fragile. He is not very big, and he’s already displayed that” he doesn’t play as CJ Stroud does. I still love him, I still think he does a great job. I think he can be a good quarterback. he further said. 

Bryce Young
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Questions about Young’s size have been asked before but some experts wonder whether his 5-foot-10 height could prevent the Carolina Panthers from making the national champion and Heisman Trophy winner the new face of their franchise.

Well, the big night that every NFL fan has been waiting for has arrived and it will be known who will make the first pick of the NFL Draft 2023. 

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