If Rihana could do that, I too, Nfl Network host Jamie Erdahl said

Jamie Erdahl copied Rinhana’s dress to announce pregnancy
NFL network host Jamie Erdahl
NFL Network host Jamie Erdahl

Everyone is wearing unique costumes on Halloween. Many have announcements along with their costume, many have different stories related.

What could be the best possible way to announce pregnancy? NFL Network host Jamie Erdahl grabbed the opportunity and announced her pregnancy in a very unique way. ‘

She used her Halloween costume to announce the pregnancy which was a copy of famous singer Rihana. Jamie Erdahl dressed as Rihanna for this Tuesday’s episode of “Good Morning Football.”

This look of Rihanna was from Super Bowl LVII. The nine-time Grammy Award winner wore an all-red dress for her 2023 Super Bowl halftime show in Glendale, Arizona.

Jamie Erdahl and the rest of the Good Morning Football crew decided to dress up for Halloween. Jamie chose to dress up as Rihana dressed during the halftime show performance.

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“I’m not going to be Rihanna, I am embodying Rihanna,” Erdahl said. “And the costume began with the origination of, really the idea that the list of self-made musical billionaires has grown to two that are affiliated with the NFL: Taylor Swift now and of course Rihanna was the original. She also was pregnant when she performed the Super Bowl halftime show in February. And that’s where I began my costume, as well, because I am pregnant. I’m about halfway there so we’ve got a spring GMFB baby coming our way.”

She also posted the same thing on social media.

“If Rihanna can perform a Super Bowl halftime show pregnant then I can do a season of @GMFB pregnant #GMFBaby,” Erdahl tweeted.

Jamie Erdahl is currently 34 years old and has been working on “Good Morning Football” since 2022.

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