NFL world shocked and saddened by Antonio Brown News

NFL world is shocked and saddened by Antonio Brown’s news

Antonio Brown has been in a lot of headlines this year it seems it is not going to stop. Fans are sad that once a legendary NFL player has been making all the bad headlines since out of the league.

AB recently made a lot of headlines during the Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen divorce and faced a lot of criticism.

Amid the divorce of Tom Brady, he was posting some past news on his social media related to him, Tom and his wife Gisele Bundchen. 

Currently, he is in the headlines and facing criticism due to unpaid child support, as per reports. Antonio Brown, one of the best wide receivers, faced an arrest warrant for an unpaid child support payment. 

The report states that Miami-Dade County, Florida judge issued a warrant for Brown’s arrest after Brown allegedly refused to pay his ex, Wiltrice Jackson. 

Now it is said that Brown can be released from custody if he pays $30,000 which will be applied to the unpaid child support.

Wiltrice Jackson and Antonio Brown were in a relationship during the early years of his time with the Pittsburgh Steelers (2010–18). They both have a daughter. 

Antonio Brown
Antonio Brown

Antonio has been arrested and jailed before. He had an arrest warrant against him for an alleged domestic battery incident, however, it was withdrawn and Brown did not face charges. 

Brown was reportedly involved in a standoff with Tampa police. He has also been accused of sexual harassment and the case has been settled. 

He allegedly exposed himself to a female guest at a Dubai hotel, posting X-rated Snapchat stories. 

He posted fake porn photos of ex-teammate Tom Brady’s ex-wife Gisele Bündchen, and all of that stuff cost him a lot.

After the news, fans started to react to it, 

“Antonio Brown a deadbeat dad. Shocker,” one fan wrote.

“Stop giving this POS a platform,” another fan said.

“Interesting concept, pay your things on time and you won’t have any negative publicity to your name,” another user wrote.

“Folks, pay your child support, on time and in full each and every month. If your income changed, file to modify. Don’t just NOT pay,” another fan commented.

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