NFL world shocked by Bijan Robinson’s new jersey, fans reacted

NFL world shocked by Bijan Robinson’s new jersey

Bijan Robinson, a talented Texas star was picked by Atlanta Falcons this year under the top 10 pick. Atlanta Falcons has high expectations from the running back Bijan Robinson.

Bijan is a very talented player but also lucky as well.

Robinson got a new jersey and the jersey number got viral on social media. The number he got is previously used by the Legends and it seems like Robinson’s rookie number will reflect that status and will have to maintain the legendary nature.

The Falcons announced Tuesday that Bijan Robinson will wear no. 7 which has been worn by the legend Michael Vick and kicker Younghoe Koo.

The Atlanta Falcons shared the news on their official Twitter handle. Just after the announcement fans immediately started to react to it commenting on their opinions and thoughts.

The Atlanta Falcons drafted Bijan Robinson for five years with a contract worth $23.7 million which is the eighth highest among the 2023 NFL draft rookies.

Bijan is talented and a generous running back and this says his records itself. He can be the most productive runner in the league if he grabs all the opportunities waiting for him.

Getting the number of legend jersey becomes a big responsibility for player as fans will start to comapre and criticize if perfomance doesn’t go well.

Bijan Robinson
Bijan Robinson

Here are some thoughts commented by fans on the Bijan Robinson getting the no. 7 jersey.

“How dare they disrespect the legend Younghoe Koo?” one fan said.

“Actually hate this,” another person added.

“Why would you not retire Michael Vick’s number? Not a fan tbh,” a third fan added.

“7 is a horrible number on a RB I’m sorry,” said another person.

“Now this, this is lame. I don’t care that Vick wore this and it shouldn’t be retired, but why take it from Younghoe Koo? That’s just rude,” a fifth person chimed in.

If Robinson performs as expected, there should be no problem with his number.

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