Patrick Mahomes shocking and savage reply to Ja’Marr Chase

Can Ja’Marr Chase beat Patrick Mahomes in playoffs?

The Kansas City Chiefs star quarterback Patrick Mahomes recently gave a shocking reply to a controversy. Currently, Patrick Mahomes is the best player considered in the NFL after a huge win in the last season’s MVP. He is now a two-time super bowl winner.  

Recently,ย  Cincinnati Bengals’ Wide Reciever Ja’Marr Chase, was asked about his teammate Joe Burrow’s recent comment on Patrick Mahomes. Burrow was previously asked about the big rival to beat next season, Burrow gave an honest reply and mentioned Patrick in the names.

But Ja’Marr Chase has different thinking and seems unimpressed by the QB of the Kansas City Chiefs.ย 

The press asked Chase about Burrow’s comments and his reply shocked people. He said, ” Pat who?”. Many fans responded to the comment after it went viral.

Patrick Mahomes also did not sit silent. He responded and gave a savage reply to Ja’marr comment.ย 

Recently Mahomes modeled his new ring with the other ring he already won. He uploaded a photo to Twitter of himself wearing two of his rings in an apparent response to Ja’Marr Chase’s diss. He wrote: “That’s who,” while showing off the Super Bowl rings in the picture.ย ย 

Chase and Patrick Mahomes had an online feud of sorts. Now when they will face each other during the season and probably during the playoffs, may this lead to other things. 

Can Chase and the Bengals prevail over Mahomes and the Chiefs?

The NFL season games and the playoff games are considered as one tough and rivalry games. If we look at the last few records, the records of the chiefs have been very good. Almost every team would like to beat the Chiefs. But the NFL has plenty of competitive squads that could really top it by season’s end.

Patrick Mahomes
Patrick Mahomes source/Instagram

Mahomes won’t be easy to compete with, and it could be even more difficult if he plays at full health. He has previously performed many such feats which seem impossible.

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He suffered some serious injuries in the back season, yet he still led his team to the Super Bowl and also got a great victory. The Chiefs have Patrick Mahomes as well as other great players who can take the team forward.

The Kansas City Chiefs also responded to the controversy with sarcasm and sided with Mahomes.

Amidst all this, it will be exciting to see how Ja’Marr Chase deals with things and how he performs. It will be even more fun to see whether he can lead his team Bengals to victory against the Chiefs or not.

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