Peyton Manning’s honest reaction to Aaron Rodgers with the Jets

Peyton Manning’s honest reaction to Aaron Rodgers and the Jets.

This is a time during the sports season when fans are waiting for the upcoming NFL games.

In an appearance at the NBA Finals Game 1, Peyton Manning joined Stephen A’s World. Where he discussed the upcoming NFL events.

Regarding Aaron Rodgers and the New York Jets, Manning said, “I saw him recently at the Kentucky Derby, I can tell he feels rejuvenated.”

Later in a few separate stances, Manning referenced his thoughts on the team this season, saying, “I like the Jets this year,”

It seems like Aaron Rodgers might have his work cut out for him this season, given the amount of pressure that’s been put on him to succeed.

The Jets have not made the playoffs through the past 12 seasons, the team becomes the longest active streak in the NFL.

Aaron Rodgers signing to the New York Jets

However, there is a long road to reaching the Super Bowl appearance and it is especially difficult in the AFC but Manning and other sports analysts have complete faith in Rodgers to make it possible.

The Jets’ current defense is one of the best that Rodgers has played with in quite some time, which will certainly help to reach the Super Bowl appearances.

Therefore, Rodgers will also have several young, talented players on his team, making for a better opportunity to have instant success.

Aaron Rodgers talking to Jets Squad, Peyton Manning

For several years, the Jets have found themselves near the bottom of the league. But this time in the upcoming season Aaron Rodgers will help to pull the team from the bottom of the league.

What do you think, can Arron Rodgers pull this team from their bad position?

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