Sean Clifford shocking social media update going viral

NFL Draft Quarterback Sean Clifford’s shocking LinkedIn profile going viral

Sean Clifford, the new draft of NFL draft 2023 has been making a lot of headlines recently. After getting drafted in this year’s NFL draft, he updated his social media account.

Sean has spent a five-year career at Penn State and now is in the NFL. The Green Bay Packers selected the quarterback in the fifth round of the NFL Draft 2023.

After getting selected as a quarterback by Green Bay Packers, he became the third quarterback on the Packers roster.

“I’m just excited to learn, be a sponge from somebody who’s been with Aaron, Obviously Aaron has a great track record, a fantastic quarterback, one of the best, and the same with Jordan. He’s a hell of a player. I’ve been watching him for a while, so I’m just excited to learn and grow and contribute in every way, Clifford said after he was selected.

Sean Clifford
Sean Clifford

Many people show and celebrate their success in their own way. Clifford also celebrated and announced it shockingly. After getting drafted he updated his LinkedIn profile and it went viral on social media.

Sean Clifford’s LinkedIn account now says, “Quarterback of the Green Bay Packers”.

After seeing this, fans immediately started to reacting to it.

Generally, LinkedIn is not known to be used by athletes or very popular among athletes. They don’t really use it. So, its something new and unique that Clifford is doing.

Clifford is also a entrepreneur as per his twitter account profile. He is also the founder of

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Top Points covered in the article:

  • Sean Clifford, a quarterback from Penn State, was drafted by the Green Bay Packers in the fifth round of the NFL Draft 2023.
  • Clifford is the third quarterback on the Packers’ roster and expressed excitement to learn from Aaron Rodgers and Jordan Love.
  • Clifford updated his LinkedIn profile to reflect his new position as “Quarterback of the Green Bay Packers” after being drafted, which went viral on social media.
  • LinkedIn is not commonly used by athletes, making Clifford’s use of the platform unique and noteworthy.
  • Clifford is also an entrepreneur and the founder of, as indicated on his Twitter profile.

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