Stephen A Smith angry, Said “Are we Dumb?” Fans reacted

Stephen A Smith’s reply on “First Take.”

The star television host Stephen A Smith has given a shocking reply about the First Take. 

The “First Take” host Stephen A Smith is angry over the criticism and scrutiny.  First Take is an American sports talk television program on ESPN. The Episodes air daily from Monday to Friday. 

Stephen A Smith
Stephen A Smith

A video clip posted by Stephen A Smith himself on Twitter shows he is very angry and giving an angry reply to the haters. 

Smith said, 

“First Take has 15 different segments per day. We talk about everything. We talk about football, we talk about basketball, we talk about race, we talk about social justice issues. We talk about a whole bunch of stuff. “First Take” is the culture. You know how many voices have been created through First Take? You know how many black people show up on First Take? You know how many women show up on First Take?”

” Look at the diversity of opinions, of perspectives, of thoughts, of intel. What the hell are you talking about? Respectfully to anybody that says you don’t know what the fuck you talking about. You don’t have a clue. One of the greatest things ESPN has ever done is create the platform that is First Take. You may not like the show sometimes. 

There are more things that Stephen A Smith said in the clip. 

Smith said made people count how many things they are doing on the Platform. First Take is a show where every people gets equal opportunity, they talk about everything. According to Stephen, First Take is the culture. 

Fans immediately reacted to the clip and started commenting on it. 

“got you on all day Stephen A i use to be a Jim Rome fan but he’s too far gone now, you stay in the middle that’s why I like you and you’re GOOD at what you do, the best actually 🐐”, one user said.

“Oh please. No one is allowed to say anything actually controversial it’s ESPN,” another fan said.

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“But you don’t talk about the other 2 major NA sports (Baseball, Hockey) or F1 which ESPN owns the rights to🤷‍♂️,” another fan commented.

“That’s the problem though, you should just talk about sports. But you force other unnecessary topics that turn into cringe segments to watch. That’s why it became corny,” a fan commented.

“The problem is that people usually tune into debate shows just to wait for someone to say what they want to hear and agree with and if no one does–it’s immediately “Bad.” I don’t care if takes are controversial or predictions are incorrect. It’s entertainment. Embrace it,” one another fans said.

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What are your thoughts on Stephen A Smith’s words?  Do comment. 

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