Stephen A. Smith confirmed Tom Brady and Kim Kardashian dating

Tom Brady and Kim Kardashian dating revealed

The rumors of Tom Brady and Kim Kardashian dating grew more after attending fanatics CEO Michael Rubin’s Fourth of July party at his estate.

The dating rumors started when Kim considered buying property in the Bahamas near Brady’s vacation home. But the words were denied at that time. 

The rumors have now taken a new turn after the Fourth of July party. 

As per reports, Kardashian and Brady seemed to get cozy with each other during the festivities. “Kim and Tom were super flirty with each other at Rubin’s party and were seen during the day on the beach together and again dancing at night,” the source told the outlet, adding that the NFL player is “exactly [Kim’s] type.”

“Kim and Tom are friends and have a lot of respect for each other,” later  Page Six reports said. 

American sports television personality, sports radio host, and sports journalist,  Stephen A. Smith takes his turn on the Tom Brady and Kim Kardashian dating rumors.

Tom Brady and Kim Kardashian
Tom Brady and Kim Kardashian

“They’re just friends, ain’t nothing going on,” Smith said on Friday’s segment of the “Stephen A. Smith Show.”

But Stephen wouldn’t mind if they were dating. 

He acknowledged that they are just friends now, but also considered that they both are single and have separated from their past relationships. 

Smith, who is known for his fiery analysis and criticism, took a very different stand in the Tom Brady and Kim Kardashian case. 

“Tom Brady and Kim Kardashian, you know, she’s been divorced. They’re just friends, ain’t nothing going on. My point is, what if it was? Now I don’t have problem with that, Tom Brady do your thing bro, I mean do your thing,” he said. 

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He added, “He’s married for 13 years Gisele Bundchen… But he’s no longer with her. My point is, if Tom Brady ends up, you know getting his groove on and I’m quite sure we shouldn’t have a problem with that.

“I’m really quite sure that there is absolutely, positively nothing wrong with Tom Brady if he was with Kim Kardashian.”

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If we see other comments on social media, it is very different and has a different point of view. There is no wrong if two single people come into a relationship.

David Portnoy, American blogger and founder of the sports and popular culture blog Barstool Sports, has a completely different take on this. “Tom Brady can’t date Kim Kardashian. If he’s not better than that then we as men have nothing.” We’re not dating the Kardashians, Tom,” Portnoy said.

“I can’t have this … It makes me want to puke.” 

Everyone has their own opinion on the matter but there is no confirmation or statement from the officials. 

Tom Brady finalized his divorce from ex-wife and Brazillian supermodel Gisele Bundchen last year in October. They were married for more than 13 years.

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen
Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen (Source- Instagram)

Brady and Bundchen share two children together, son Benjamin Rein, 13, and daughter Vivian Lake, 10. Brady also shares a son from his previous relationship with actress Bridget Mohanyan. 

While Kim Kardashian shares 4 children together, daughters North, 10, and Chicago, 5, and sons Saint, 7, and Psalm, 4 with her ex-husband Kanye West.  Kim also finalized her divorce from Kanye last year in 2022.

There is still no official confirmation of Tom Brady and Kim Kardashian dating but the rumors don’t seem to be dying down.

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