Tom Brady surpassed Messi, Jordan and Usain Bolt, became an ultra legend

Tom Brady surpassed Messi, Jordan and Usain Bolt

The legendary quarterback is making headlines by breaking every record. Even after his retirement, he is considered the best athlete in the world. Tom Brady retired this year in January and ended a legendary era. He has several unimaginable records which seems unbreakable. 

After his retirement, Tom Brady has been seen spending most of his time with kids and attending many sports events. He has been seen enjoying golf, basketball and many other matches. 

The seven-time Super Bowl champion Brady has broken another record. A report published by MLFootball shows he is the top athlete in the world. The Twitter account posted the top 10 athletes in the world and Tom Brady is number one on the list. 

Lionel Messi, Michael Jordan, Usain Bolt and many more are on the list. 

Tom Brady
Tom Brady (Source- Instagram)

The Twitter account MLFootball tweeted: 


1) Tom Brady 

2) Wayne Gretzky

3) Lionel Messi

4) Michael Jordan

5) Michael Phelps

6) Usain Bolt

7) Muhammad Ali

8) Roger Federer

9) Serena Williams

10) Mike Trout

All ten players are the legends of their respective fields. The list is topped by Tom Brady, while Wayne Gretzky is second and Lionel Messi is in third position. The list is followed by Michael Jordan, the basketball Legend, Michael Philips, Usain Bolt and the list goes on. 

Muhammad Ali was an American professional boxer legend who created a lot of history.

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Brady has millions of fans followings. What he has done on the field is unforgettable. Tom Brady is the only player in the world and in NFL history to win seven Super Bowl rings. 

Fans admire him and follow him. But many people were not happy with this list. Fans pointed out many names which were missing from the list and expressed their displeasure. 

“I would replace Lionel with Floyd Mayweather only because I don’t watch soccer but I heard he’s the soccer GOAT so this list is perfect,” one user said. 

“Lol imagine thinking a football player is the greatest athlete when they never play both ends. Football is more team oriented than sports like basketball – every player relies on each other. In basketball you can have one man take over and take most of the shots,” another user commented. 

“No mahomes=invalid,” a fan replied. 

“Tom Brady isn’t an athlete and it’s also criminal not having Bo Jackson on a top greatest athlete list,” a user commented. 

Tom Brady
Source- Instagram

“I respect Wayne’s placement but Messi has to be 1. Tom Brady can be top 5. If Ohtani wins some World Series he will top the list,” a fan commented.

Tiger Woods should definitely crack top-10 on everyone’s list, no matter what you think of golf or the man. Big miss, another commented. 

One fan arranged the list like this

“What exactly makes Brady the greatest athlete ever? Longevity? Championships? Because there have been way better athletes than him. Aaron Rodgers, Steve Young, Montana, Vick, Cunningham, Rice, Hester, etc They all were more skilled than Brady, just got hurt or were on bad teams,” a fan expressed his thoughts.

Everyone suggested their own point of view.

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Tom Brady is now ready to join NFL again. He will be joining Fox Sports as an analyst in 2024. He has signed a contract worth $375 million for 10 years.

Tom Brady with his wife
Tom Brady with his wife (Source- Instagram)

Brady also finalized his divorce last year in October from his ex-wife and Brazillian supermodel Gisele Bundchen.

They share two children son Benjamin Rein, 13, and daughter Vivian Lake, 10. Brady also shares a son Jack, 15, from his previous relationship with actress Bridget Mohanyan. 

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