Travis Kelce revealed the number of players taking Cannabis

Travis Kelce reveals shocking news about NFL players

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce revealed shocking news recently. Travis revealed that approximately 50 to 80% of players use cannabis. 

The NFL previously outlawed it, but in the current rules the league has loosened its strict rules and Travis of Kansas City thinks people are taking advantage of it.

In the new rules of the NFL which were revised in 2021, players are now tested only once a year for drugs like cannabis before the start of camp. 

Tavis Kelce is an eight-time pro bowler and is considered one of the best players in the NFL. He is one of the most accomplished players in the NFL but before rising to stardom, he faced a legal charge after getting caught in a drug test. He lost an entire college season due to a drug-related suspension. 

Travis Kelce
Travis Kelce (Source- Instagram)

Now Travis believes that more than half of players use the same drug for which he got suspended. Travis told Vanity Fair that he was so embarrassed when he failed a drug test. It struck him hard, leaving him in despair.

“If you just stop (using) in the middle of July, you’re fine,” he said. “A lot of guys stop a week before and they still pass (drug tests) because everybody’s working out in the heat and sweating their tail off. Nobody’s really getting hit for it anymore.”

According to Travis Kelce, the times have changed not because players have stopped taking it, but because of changes in the rules governing its use. Players will now only be tested for drugs during a two-week period at the start of the summer training camp. It’s like an alternative way, have it but stop using it before the test.

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The two-time super bowl winner told Vanity Fair, consequently from 50 to 80 percent of the league’s, more than 1,600 players currently use cannabis. 

Travis Kelce isn’t the first name to reveal this kind of thing, Former tight end  Martellus Bennett once said that “89 percent” of NFL players use marijuana. 

Former running back, Ricky Williams who got suspensions due to drug-related tests said that “at least 80 percent” did the same for what he got caught.

“I’m estimating 100% of Travis Kelce’s are narcs.” One fan said.

Very clever, leaving 20% creates plausible deniability for all, another fan said.

Everybody knows. All the coaches and execs know players smoke weed. They just expect players to be smart enough to stop for a month to pass the test. If they can do that, blaze away, a user commented.

Honestly, I think an estimate from the mind of Kelce is going to be as accurate as any scientific survey, another user commented.

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