Shocking: Tyreek Hill Under Investigation For Alleged Assault

Tyreek Hill shocking investigation news

Miami Dolphins star wide receiver, Tyreek Hill is in the headlines today. He is reportedly under investigation by Miami Police Department after allegedly hitting a man in the local Marina. 

It seems Father’s Day has not gone well for everyone. According to, after celebrating Father’s Day on a boat, Hill had an altercation with a worker on the dock and put his hand on the man.

Now Hill is accused of hitting a man working at Haulover Marina in North Miami Beach. The’s Ian Margol said, “At around 6 p.m. Sunday, Hill got into some kind of disagreement with an employee of one of the charter companies based at Haulover Marina that apparently ended with Hill hitting the man,”

It is unclear whether the man is injured or not but police were seen at the marina and on Tuesday Miami-Dade police department confirmed an investigation was underway involving Tyreek Hill.

Fox Sports 640’s Andy Slater says the argument began when Hill and his group tried to board a boat without the owner’s permission.

Tyreek Hill
Tyreek Hill Source/NBC 6

Later, Slater said in his tweet, the crew member does not intend to press charges. Police are reviewing the matter.

Andy Slater tweeted,”  Miami Dolphins WR Tyreek Hill allegedly slapped a boat employee on the back of the head this past weekend, a senior law-enforcement source tells me. The crew member does not want to press charges at this time, sources say. The incident, @WPLGLocal10 first reported, started when Hill’s crew tried boarding the boat without permission, I’m told.

Police are reviewing video which may show the altercation, sources say.” 

That same day, Tuesday, Hill’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus, tweeted a video that shows a shark and wrote in the caption that he and Hill were fishing together.

After the news got viral, fans were concerned and started to react to it.

“I kept telling y’all that football was coming up ruin everything…” a user said.

“But I thought the Jets were the bad team cus of Ty Johnson and Mekhi?” a fan asked.

“People don’t know what ‘allegedly’ means all of a sudden. We already saying he is guilty. Unless I see video camera footage shot in 8K with Hill holding 2 forms of government ID, he didn’t do anything,” a Dolphins fan tweeted.

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“Tyreek Hill assaulting people whats new,” another person commented.

This season will be Tyreek Hill’s second season with the Miami Dolphins. After extension, star wideout Hill is on a four-year, $120 million contract with Miami.

It’s unclear whether the seven-time Pro Bowler will face criminal charges.

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