Aaron Rodgers issues strong warning to the rest of the NFL




Aaron Rodgers is preparing for his first NFL season with the New York Jets after 18 years at the Packers.

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It seems like the 2023 NFL season will look different for quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

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The quarterback made a huge change this offseason, leaving the Packers for the New York Jets.

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This will be the first season for Aaron Rodgers in a different uniform with a different experience.

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Many are still shocked to see him in the Big Apple, but we’d better start getting used to it.

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“Obviously, there are a lot of expectations,” said Rodgers, adding that the Jets have “a legitimate chance” to reach the Super Bowl.

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“There will be a lot of eyes on us and  I choose to look at it as excitement," Rodgers said.

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We’re excited to be in the conversation as one of the better teams in the league, but excitement doesn’t win games,” he said. “We have a lot to prove.”

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