Buccaneers finally announced their starting quarterback



AUGUST 23, 2023

After a long way of competition, the Buccaneers officially announced their starting quarterback

Image Source: USA Today

During the offseason, Mayfield was favored over 2021 second-rounder quarterback Kyle Trask.

Image Source: CBS Sports

However, the competition has been close, and both quarterbacks split first-team reps during training camp.

Image Source: The US Sun

Neither quarterback stood out enough in the first preseason contest to be declared the winner.

Image Source: USA Today

Finally, they chose Baker Mayfield as their starting quarterback for the regular season.

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Mayfield is on a one-year deal and it would be a make-or-break season for his future as an NFL starter.

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However, Trask will start his third season with Tampa Bay Buccaneers as their backup quarterback.

Image Source: Pro Football Talk

The 2023 regular season will be the best chance to set his future as a quarterback with the organization.

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