Fans blamed head coach Ron Rivera for Terry McLaurin's Injury



AUGUST 22, 2023

Head Coach Ron Rivera was brutally trolled in the preseason game on Monday

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This game was being played between the Commanders and the Baltimore Ravens

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Star wide receiver Terry McLaurin exited from the match after a toe injury.

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Wideout Dyami Brown also left the game to be evaluated for the injury.

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McLaurin's X-ray report came back negative, but that hasn't dampened the anger of some fans.

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"What in the world is Ron Rivera doing," a fan asked.

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"Ron Rivera is really stupid making Terry Mclaurin play an entire half of preseason football!" a fan declared.

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"Probably the most try hard coaching performance in NFL history from Ron Rivera in that first half," another fan said.

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Baltimore didn't play Lamar Jackson and the other starters and fans are upset by the approach

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Bryce Young gave a savage reply to a Giants employee