Former Bengals Star Pacman Jones Arrested Monday Morning



SEPT 12, 2023

Once again Cincinnati Bengals former All-Pro cornerback Pacman Jones found himself in legal trouble.

Image Source: USA Today

According to NBC news, the ex-cornerback was arrested early Monday morning at CVG Airport.

Image Source: Fox 8

He was arrested for making terroristic threats and alcohol intoxication at the Cincinnati Airport.

Image Source: Fairborn

TMZ Sports has confirmed that Jones was taken into custody around 6 AM and released after two hours.

Image Source: Wvxv

After the release, Pacman claims he didn't do anything wrong and clearly denies being drunk.

Image Source: New York Post

However, this isn't Jones' first meeting with the law and isn't his first airport incident.

Image Source: The Tennessean

Jones famously got in a massive fight in Atlanta back in 2018, although it was reported he was not the starter.

Image Source: Wikipedia

Most recently Jones was arrested in 2021 after a violent altercation at a bar in Cincinnati.

Image Source: Sportscasting

During his 13 years of NFL career, he played with the Titans, Cowboys, Bengals, and the Broncos.

Image Source: Pro Football Rumors

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