Gisele Bundchen dominating the modeling industry, viral photos



AUGUST 13, 2022

Tom Brady's ex-wife Gisele Bundchen completely changed after the divorce

Image Source: Gisele/Instagram

Gisele Bundchen is dominating the modeling world, some viral photos say

Image Source: Gisele/Instagram

The ex-wife of the legendary quarterback is trending for her new campaign with Victoria's Secret.

Image Source: Just Jared

Gisele Bundchen shared videos and pictures from the campaign on her Instagram profile.

Image Source: Bounce Nation

After the divorce, Bundchen is fully focused on modeling and following her passion

Image Source: Gisele/Instagram

American Model Kate Upton commented, Iconic on the photo.

Image Source: Kate/Instagram

"We missed you, Gisele! Welcome back! 💕" Victoria's Secret commented.

Image Source: Gisele/Instagram

Gisele Bundchen's hot modeling photos are getting widely loved by fans

Image Source: Gisele/Instagram

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen were together for more than 13 years before their divorce.

Image Source: Gisele/Instagram

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