NFL world reacts to the Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson 



SEPT 11, 2023

Baltimore Ravens star quarterback Lamar Jackson is ready for Week 2 game against the Bengals.

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The team played their season-opening game with the Houston Texans on Sunday afternoon.

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During the game, the Ravens badly defeated the Texans with a score of 25-9.

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It seems like the former Heisman Trophy winner, Jackson is pretty clear about his future with the team.

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However, he signed a mega contract this offseason to remain with the team for the long term.

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The Ravens will play the Cincinnati Bengals in their weak 2 game on September 17.

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A fan said, "He’s focused on the task at hand that’s why. Super Bowl or bust".

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Another fan replied, "Glad to see he’s being a vocal leader. It’s about time!".

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However, Jackson and the Ravens are thought to be one of the contenders in the AFC this season

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