Nick Bosa was fined for missing first preseason game



AUGUST 15, 2023

The NFL, the biggest game in the world, can be a brutal business at times.

Image Source: Niners Nation

The best example at the moment is 49ers defensive lineman Nick Bosa.

Image Source: Niners Nation

The Raiders defeated the 49ers in the first preseason game and Bosa was not there.

Image Source: Twitter

Bosa is getting fined just because of missing a meaningless preseason game.

Image Source: Press Democrat

According to sources, Bosa will be fined an incredible amount of $992,166.

Image Source: Reddit

If the fine will apply, it would be the biggest penalty in NFL history for being absent in a preseason game.

Image Source: Fits Tuds

Additionally, it has already been stated that they intend to waive this penalty.

Image Source: Just Jared

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