See Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow's monster contract



SEPT 8, 2023

The world of NFL contract negotiations can often be as exhilarating as the action we see on the gridiron.

Image Source: The US Sun

Money tends to flow like a rapid river, and teams scramble to secure their star players in deals that could shape the league’s landscape for years.

Image Source: USA Today

Yesterday, we witnessed a torrential downpour of cash, headlined by none other than Joe Burrow.

Image Source: Sports Illustrated

The Cincinnati Bengals finalized a five-year, $275 million contract extension for Joe Burrow.

Image Source: USA Today

The silence preceding the announcement only amplified the shockwaves it sent across the league.

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Burrow’s monumental deal was a clear sign of the high stakes involved in the world of NFL contracts.

Image Source: USA Today

If Burrow’s deal is any indication, then the ceiling for QB contracts has been elevated, and the sky is the limit.

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