Tampa Bay John Wolford leaved field on a stretcher, fans shocked



AUGUST 20, 2023

Injuries are the worst part but the scariest is when the players leave the field on a stretcher

Image Source: USA Today

Tampa Bay Buccaneers has currently faced a similar situation during a recent preseason game

Image Source: Fox News

Quarterback John Wolford was on a stretcher in the preseason game against the New York Jets.

Image Source: Out Kick

In the third quarter, Wolford made a big sack but was awkwardly tackled to the ground.

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Wolford was unable to get up, while there was movement in his limbs, he was clearly in pain.

Image Source: Yardbarker

John Wolford was eventually put on a stretcher and taken out of the game by the medical team.

Image Source: NY Post

It was later known that he had a neck injury and was taken to a local hospital.

Image Source: Sports Illustrated

This season John is the third-line quarterback for the Bucs behind Baker Mayfield and Kyle Trask.

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