Will Broncos bench Russell Wilson after preseason performance?




Seems like Broncos head coach Sean Payton and quarterback Russell Wilson's relationship is at a crucial point.

Image Source: USA Today

Last season, quarterback Wilson had the worst year of his career, finishing with a 4-11 starting record.

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However, this 2023 season Wilson's backup, Jarrett Stidham had a better preseason than him.

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Stidham completed 34-of-60 passes for 416 yards and a TD, while Wilson completed 10-of-19 attempts for 117 yards and a TD.

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If the former Pro Bowler Wilson struggles again, Stidham could become a more intriguing option for Payton.

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However, the HC benching Wilson immediately remains unlikely because Payton saw flashes of the old Wilson throughout the offseason.

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While Payton benching Wilson early in the season isn't impossible, it's unlikely.

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However, head coach Payton has yet to signal that he's ready to make a major change in this season.

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