Cam Newton’s shocking reason why he’s not in the NFL

A question that many NFL fan has asked: Why quarterback Cam Newton isn’t on an NFL roster list?

Cam Newton is an American football quarterback who is a free agent. He has played for 11 seasons, primarily with the Carolina Panthers. He is the NFL all-time leader in his career and won a lot of awards.

Despite battling with injuries over the past few years, Newton is now 33 years old. He appears in good physical shape. His days as a franchise player and MVP candidate are likely behind him, but it’s quite strange that a player of his level and with much experience can’t find a place as a veteran backup as well.

Now Newton has his own theory on why he hasn’t been able to make a place with another team, and it has nothing to do with his ability on the field.

According to a tweet, former MVP player Newton claims that his hairstyle and his unique dressing sense are the reason for his inability to land on another roster.

“It’s [referring to his chance of being on a roster] been hindered and I’m not changing,” he told CBS Sports’ Josina Anderson.

“I think his hieroglyphic type fonts are hindering his chances more than his hair/clothes,” one fan commented on the tweet.

“Yes, his dreadlocks are the main reason he is not in the league. Can’t think of anything else,” A Fan commented in a sarcastic way.

“This doesn’t make any sense. So many other players have crazy hair and fashion in the NFL and are on teams”, said a verified user.

Seems like a fan trying to tell the truth.

“Cam cmon bro what the hell are we talking about right now,” RB replied.

“I don’t think there are any other ex-NFL players I dislike more than 1. Antonio Brown and 2. Cam Newton,” said Cory.

However, Cam Newton recently said he’s open to being a backup to some quarterback, but it doesn’t seem like his level of interest from around the league has changed.

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