Bills Damar Hamlin ready to start the 2023 regular season



SEPT 9, 2023

Buffalo Bills Damar Hamlin gives sign of his return to the 2023 regular season.

Image Source: The Guardian

Coming Monday, safety Damar Hamlin will be at a much larger venue in the Meadowlands.

Image Source: Wham

He will make his comeback when the Bills start their regular season against the New York Jets.

Image Source: Buffalo Rumbling

"Yes sir. This is the entirety of it. This is a big, big, big big piece of the new normal," Hamlin said.

Image Source: Tribune  Review

"You can never take it for granted because, you know, the NFL, they say it stands for Not For Long," he added.

Image Source: WBUR

Coach Sean McDermott said, "I'm extremely proud of Damar and the work he's put in. An incredible journey to get back to where he is."

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However, on Labor Day, Hamlin visited a riverside park in Buffalo to hold a camp for children.

Image Source: CNN

Where he joined them in playing football, bought them lunch and haircuts, handed out backpacks, and promoted CPR training.

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