Cowboys wanted to trade Dak Prescott with Kirk Cousins



AUGUST 16, 2023

In 2021, the Cowboys signed Dak Prescott on a $160 million, four-year contract.

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Now Dak Prescott only has two years left on his contract with the Dallas Cowboys.

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Throughout the season, Prescott has led the Cowboys to back-to-back 12 Divisional Round wins.

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There will be demands for a quarterback change from Jerry Jones and his team.

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If he fails to lead Dallas to a deep playoff run within the next two years, the team will trade him.

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Kyle Brandt suggested replacing Prescott with the Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins.

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The Minnesota Vikings' contract with Cousins is also about to expire in a year.

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Both veteran quarterbacks Cousins and Prescott are under pressure to perform well in 2023.

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If not, one or both of the quarterbacks could need to start with a new team by 2024.

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