Dak Prescott's Rumored Girlfriend is shocking everyone



AUGUST 23, 2023

Dallas Cowboys star quarterback Dak Prescott rumored girlfriend is turning heads

Image Source: The Sun

Dak Prescott is rumored to be dating hot model Jadyn Jannasch.

Image Source: NY Post

Jadyn Jannasch continues to make waves on social media with her attractive pics

Image Source: Instagram

On Tuesday, Jadyn posted a jaw-dropping photo and captioned it, "True to it, not new to it."

Image Source: Instagram

Jadyn Jannasch is a swimmer in her final year at LSU from Frisco, Texas.

Image Source: NY Post

In her first year, she was named to the first-year SEC Academic Honor Roll.

Image Source: Black Sports

Although, Jannasch has not commented officially on her alleged relationship with Prescott.

Image Source: NY Post

Before Jadyn, Prescott was dating social media influencer Natalie Buffett.

Image Source: NY Post

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