NFL world shocked by Eagles players' sudden retirement



AUGUST 21, 2023

The Philadelphia Eagles has a piece of shocking and surprising news for the NFL world.

Image Source: NBC

Eagles linebacker Myles Jack announced a sudden retirement just at the age of 27.

Image Source: Yahoo Sports

The NFL world is shocked by his immediate decision of retiring at this early age.

Image Source: Bleacher Report

Myles Jack a second-round NFL Draft pick currently playing for the Eagles as a Linebacker

Image Source: The Sun

"The most impressive part of his career was that, to this very day, and even into retirement, Myles Jack wasn’t down," one fan wrote.

Image Source: SI News

"Struggled in camp, fell down the depth chart, could probably see what was coming," another fan said.

Image Source: Sports Illustrates

Veteran LB Myles Jack has retired from the NFL after seven seasons and 617 tackles.

Image Source: Pro Football Talk

Best of luck in retirement, Myles. Hope you enjoy your new life.

Image Source: Daily Mail

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