NFL world shocked by Steelers linebacker fined for $43,709, fans reacted 



AUGUST 21, 2023

The NFL world was shocked by the fine put on the Pittsburgh Steelers' star player

Image Source: Jets X Factor

Linebacker Kwon Alexander was fined during their preseason opener against Tampa Bay.

Image Source: New York Jets

Kwon got the roughness penalty for launching his helmet into running back Chase Edmonds.

Image Source: Sports Illustrated

According to Tom Pelissero of NFL Network, the NFL fined Alexander $43,709 for this behavior.

Image Source: New York Jets

Kwon Alexander was fined last year for the same violation.

Image Source: BSC

The NFL expanded its rules this offseason to include a 15-yard penalty for such activity.

Pittsburgh Tribune

Steelers defensive coordinator Teryl Austin believes the fine on Alexander was the right decision.

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"He moves, he's quick, he's decisive, so I think he brings some suddenness and some spunk to that room," Austin said.

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