The dating rumors between Kim and Tom are on fire.  Michael Rubin's party has added fuel to it.

Image Credit:  NFL Exclusive

Here are the 8 reasons why Kim Kardashian wants Tom Brady in her life.

Image Credit:  NFL Exclusive

Tom Brady is a responsible guy, he never runs away from responsibilities

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Brady is a very caring person, which Kim would love most 

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Tom Brady is a very good father. Kim is currently single and mother of four kids.

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Brady is a much wealthiest and independent person. Every girl love a rich guy

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Tom Brady is the trustiest person. Brady was a smooth marriage for more than 13 years

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Tom Brady is good-looking and has a very hot personality.

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Tom Brady has a lot of Patience. He is a humble guy and also treats people in a good way

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Tom Brady is very a very famous personality. He is the only player in NFL history to won 7 super bowl titles

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