Tiffani Johnston was once Sexually Assaulted by Daniel Snyder


Tiffani Johnston has worked as a marketing manager for the Washington Commanders

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Tiffani once accused the team’s former owner Dan Snyder of harassing her when she worked there.

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She explained, Snyder put his hand on her lower back and persuaded her to give him a ride.

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Johnston revealed the sexual assault occurred in a private area of the Commanders’ private planes.

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As per the Washington Post, Tiffani accused Daniel Snyder of attempting sexual harassment in April 2009.

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However, Dan Snyder denied Tiffani's allegations and accused her of fabricating her claims.

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Early this year, the NFL hired Mary Jo White to further investigate Johnston’s allegations.

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However, White submitted a 23-page report from the investigation that revealed Snyder sexually harassed Johnston.

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As a result, Snyder has been ordered to pay the NFL a $60 million fine for violating the league’s policies.

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