Tom Brady wore the New Rolex Day-Date “Puzzle Dial”, 2nd person to buy the watch

16 August 2023

Legendary quarterback Tom Brady surprises fans at Birmingham City football game

Brady was wearing a special kind of watch which still is not available in the market.

Brady is the second person to wear the watch, after seven times Grammy Awards winner John Mayer

Tom Brady also wore the same watch but in Everose gold and an orange dial

Fans are confused about whether the Rolex Day-Date "Puzzle Dial" has officially debuted.

Rocking the new Day-Date with a presidential bracelet and a cutting-edge trench coat, Brady officially entered the Rolex era.

Also, a few days ago, he was wearing a Rolex Ref. 228396TBR in platinum, rare Day-Date featuring Arabic lettering.

The puzzle dial is a masterpiece of Champlevé enameling, radiating depth and vibrant colors that appeal to the eye.

It looks like Brady has entered a new chapter in his life where he really wants to have fun, and not take things too seriously.