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Welcome to NFL Exclusive, your go-to destination for an insider’s look into the lives of the extraordinary women behind National Football League players. Our platform is dedicated to providing an exclusive and respectful space for fans to connect, engage, and celebrate the lives of the inspiring WAGs (Wives and Girlfriends) who play a vital role in the NFL community. Along with WAGs we also provide exclusive coverage of NFL-related news and updates.

We also cover the NFL fantasy football where we provide hundreds of unique, amazing, funny, creative names for the Fantasy world of players and teams.

Our Mission

At NFL exclusive, we are on a mission to shine a spotlight on the remarkable women who stand beside some of the most talented athletes in the National Football League. Our goal is to foster a positive and supportive community that honors the achievements, passions, and unique stories of NFL WAGs.

We are also passionate about providing exclusive details of NFL-related news, injury updates, drafts and contract signs, contract extensions, etc.

Who are we?

We are a team of passionate bloggers and NFL enthusiasts. We have been working in the blogging world for the past 3 years. We love NFL players and respect their lives. Their journey is our inspiration and it’s also a big motivation for us that how they achieved this level of success along with maintaining their personal lives.

We found that the most important part of their lives, the biggest supporter of their lives are their wives and girlfriends along with their families.

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Meet the Team

FoundersSourav Khan and Rupam Mandal
Content HeadRupam Mandal
Technical HeadSourav Khan
Content WriterRaj Singh

Raj Singh is one of the main team members of the content team. He has been with us since 2022. He is a sports enthusiast and has an experience of 5+ years in content writing.


  • We believe in celebrating the individuality and achievements of NFL WAGs with the utmost respect and admiration.
  • Our content is carefully curated to highlight their accomplishments, charitable endeavors, and personal journeys without sensationalism.
  • We are a community that believes in the strength, resilience, and diverse talents of NFL WAGs.
  • Our platform goes beyond gossip and superficial coverage. We aim to inspire by showcasing the passions, philanthropic efforts, and professional pursuits of NFL WAGs, illustrating that they are more than just glamorous companions on game day.
  • The news, updates, and injury news we provide are always rechecked and confirmed. We believe in real content creation and never share copy content or hate for anyone.

What things do we take care of?

  • The respective owners of the images and videos used are always mentioned.
  • The content shared is always checked.
  • Our content is easy to follow and understand as it has been created interestingly for everyone to understand easily.
  • We believe in real content creation and never share copy content or hate for anyone.

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We will immediately take care of that.

Final note

Thank you for choosing NFLexclusive.com as your trusted source for authentic and respectful coverage of NFL WAGs along with a wide variety of content related to the NFL. We respect your time and provide genuine information.

Please feel free to share your thoughts or suggestions.