Meet Ja marr Chase girlfriend, a hot model and YouTuber of 2023

Ja Marr Chase is always been in the headlines whether it is for controversy or his impressive gameplay. But his fans are very curious about his personal life, They want to know who is Ja Marr Chase girlfriend. Is he dating or not currently?

Ja Marr Chase is a well-known American football wide receiver who currently plays for the NFL’s Cincinnati Bengals. He started playing football at LSU and was drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft.

During his college time, Chase won the 2020 Fred Biletnikoff Award as the country’s best receiver. In his rookie year, he appeared in Super Bowl LVI but lost it against the Rams.

In this blog, we clarify all your queries regarding Ja Marr Chase girlfriend, who she dated, JaMarr chase dating life, controversies, and his past and present life. So let’s begin…

Who is Ja Marr Chase Girlfriend?

Ja Marr Chase girlfriend
Ja Marr Chase girlfriend

According to Ja Marr Chase official record, he is still single. But some rumors suggest that the Bengals’ star wide receiver is in an alleged relationship with Jalyn Michelle, a professional YouTuber and Instagram Influencer. The alleged couple didn’t disclose their relationship to the public. Maybe the hot couple loves to keep their personal life private or It may be a lesson from their past relationship experience. 

Who is Jalyn Michelle?

Jalyn Michelle is a famous YouTuber and well-known Instagram Influencer. She was born on 16 December 1997 in Houston Texas. As of 2023, Michelle is 26 years old. Prior to Ja Marr Chase, Jalyn was in a relationship with her YouTube partner. However, wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase was also reportedly in an on-and-off relationship with an Instagram Model.  

Jalyn Michelle Biography

Full NameJalyn Michelle
Age 25
Date of Birth16 December 1997
Birth PlaceHouston Texas
Mother’s NameNot Revealed
Father’s NameNot Revealed
Siblings Kyron Michelle (Brother)
UniversityUniversity of Texas
Marital StatusUnmarried
Popular For Ja Marr Chase Girlfriend
Children’s NameNot Revealed
Social MediaInstagram, YouTube
ProfessionSocial Media Influencer

How JaMarr Chase and Jalyn Michelle meet?

There is no such public information available on the internet about how they met or whether the alleged couple is actually in a relationship right now. But some Instagram stories posted by Jalyn Michelle sparked the dating rumor between them.

The alleged couple’s first visible to the public eye when Jalyn shared a couple of Instagram stories showing support for the Bengals wide receiver Ja Marr Chase. In the first Story, she herself gives support to the Cincinnati Bengals at the stadium.

Jalyn Michelle watching NFL game play of Ja marr chase
Jalyn Michelle watching NFL gameplay of Ja Marr chase

She captioned it “WHO DEY”. In the second story, she shared “Ja Marr Chase’s jersey” with the caption “Gameday” by giving the location of Cincinnati. This suggests the alleged couple may be in a relationship now.

Ja Marr Chase Girlfriend: Early life

Being famous as a YouTuber and well-known Instagram Influencer Jalyn Michelle is a Houston native. She was raised by her parents in Houston, Texas. Michelle doesn’t disclose her parents’ details on any of her social media accounts. It seems like she wants to keep her personal life away from the public.  

Ja Marr Chase Girlfriend: Education

As a Houston native, Jalyn Michelle received her early education in the local area of Houston. Later she moved to the University of Texas for higher education. The other information about her educational life is currently not available to us, we will update it as soon as possible. Also, in her YouTube videos, Jalyn has not talked about her educational qualifications.

In her YouTube videos, Jalyn never features any of her family members except her younger brother Kyron.

Ja Marr Chase Girlfriend: Career

Despite doing a corporate job Jalyn Michelle chose her career in social media. She is a famous Instagram Influencer as well as a professional Youtuber from where she earns a decent amount of money.

Jalyn has a YouTube channel named “That Girl Jalyn”. The channel is based on personal blogs and reactions. She publishes video content related to her personal life like, daily updates, makeup, weight loss, and reaction videos. As of 2023, Jalyn Michelle currently has 315k subscribers on her YouTube channel.


As an Instagram Influencer Jalyn also does brand promotion. She is often seen promoting brands on her post. Her Instagram feed is full of paid promotions. Currently, she has 763k+ followers on her account.

Jalyn Michelle Net Worth 

Jalyn Michelle has multiple sources of income. As a Youtuber, she earns through YouTube ad revenue, short feed ads, live chats as well as affiliate marketing, and many more ways.

In her Instagram, Jalyn earns through brand deals, paid promotions, and many more ways. Adding her earnings from multiple sources, she earns millions of dollars. 

However, we don’t have actual data on her earnings but she definitely earns a lot through these platforms. She has not shared her Net Worth publicly. 

If you try to find out Jalyn Michelle’s net worth by adding her earnings from all sources it would be millions of dollars.

Jalyn Michelle Past Relationship

Prior to Ja Marr Chase Girlfriend, Jalyn was in a relationship with her co-YouTube partner, Nyyear Price. The former couple used to run a YouTube channel named Nyyear &Jalyn, where they posted pranks and daily vlog videos. Currently, the YouTube channel has over 2.6 million subscribers with 697 videos. Her younger brother, Kyron once appeared on their YouTube channel.

Nyyear & Jalyn’s breakup reason

The ex-couple dated each other for 9 long years. Their love started after opening a mutual YouTube channel. Over the period, their connection grew stronger. After some complications, the love buds broke up in early 2021. The last time they were back together on their channel was by posting a video titled “Break-Up Prank on Boyfriend Goes Wrong” on October 20, 2021, which Jalyn claimed the video was posted after their break up. After that, they never get back together.

Jalyn Michelle Baby

Lovely Jalyn Michelle is a mother of a baby. Recently on March 21, 2023, Jalyn welcomed a child. She shared the lovely news on 14th May through her Instagram account where she writes, ‘The best things in life are free and that she is very happy as a mother of the newly born baby’. She didn’t share her children’s gender as well as who is the father of the newly born.

After the news, many fans congratulated her and some of them questioned her who is the father of her newly born baby.

However, a fan answers the question by giving a hint, he replied, “No it’s not Nyyear, It’s a footballer”

Jalyn Michelle social handles

Jalyn Michelle’s active on various social media platforms:

Currently, her YouTube channel has 325k+ subscribers with 92 videos. In early January she clarified her break up with her long-time boyfriend Nyyear Price through a YouTube video, where she cleverly told the viewers without blaming anyone that she had moved on from her past relationship.

She has an Instagram account of 763k+ followers but she doesn’t have a blue tick on her Instagram account. She leveled her account as a video creator.

Her Facebook page created on November 9, 2022, has 3.7k followers. She leveled herself as Digital Creator and her relationship status is still “single”.

YouTubeClick Here to Visit the Official Page317k
Ja marr chase girlfriend InstagramClick Here to Visit Official Page764k
TwitterClick Here to Visit the Official Page8.3k

Ja Marr Chase EX-Girlfriend: Ambar Nicole

Before Jalyn Michelle, the Bengals wide receiver Ja Marr Chase was reportedly linked with Ambar Nicole. According to her Insta profile, she is a well-known Fashion Model. Ambar claimed that she has a child with Chase but he denied the accusation. It is unknown whether Ja Marr is in contact with Nicole or not.

Who is Ambar Nicole?

Ambar Nicole (born between 1999 to 2002) is an American fashion model, social media star, influencer and entrepreneur. She belongs to Los Angeles, California, United States. She is known to be a professional model and worked with a lot of brands. She is popularly known as Jamarr Chase ex-girlfriend.

Ambar Nicole Jamarr Chase

There has been a long feud between JaMarr Chase and his ex Ambar Nicole. Ambar has posted some screenshots on her Instagram and called him abusive. She shared a screenshot of a conversation she had with Chase. Ambar also asked the NFL to take action against him and ban him from the league.

She also posted a story with the character traits of a narcissist, suggesting that this is what the Bengals star is. Jamarr Chase Ambar controversy was the big controversy for Jamarr Chase.

Ja Marr Chase in Draft pickup
Ja Marr Chase in Draft pickup

Ambar Nicole Instagram

Ambar Nicole is a popular social media star. She has an Instagram account with more than 13k followers. She often used to share her moments, and modeling photos with her fans.

Ambar Nicole Jamarr Chase love story

Ambar Nicole is known to be the girlfriend of popular NFL star JaMarr Chase. Jamarr Chase and Ambar Nicole’s relationship turned into a huge blast when their personal fight went public on the internet. However, there is no information available to us about how they started dating when they met and other things. But many sources say that they dated for a long time.

Ja Marr Chase Children

Ja Marr Chase reportedly has a child with ex-girlfriend Ambar Nicole. She accused him of infidelity, acting like a deadbeat parent, and also abusing her physically on Instagram. But Jason Lampert, Chase’s attorney rejected the false accusations of abuse being made against him.

Ja Marr Chase baby
Ja Marr Chase baby

However, Chase’s current rumored girlfriend Jalyn Michelle also gave birth to a child in March but she didn’t disclose the name of the father of her newborn baby.

Through this article, we provide you the details about Ja Marr Chase girlfriend and his personal life.

Ja Marr Chase Controvercies

Ja Marr Chase ex-girlfriend Ambar Nicole once claimed that she had a child with the Bengals wide receiver. She also uploaded bloody pictures of bruises on her body and a mouth injury, posting the images from a Holton near the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport. Later she deleted the posts.

‘Now Mr. Chase you have some skeletons in your closet,’ the Instagram model wrote in a lengthy, now-deleted post. ‘I know the real you. Stop dodging the courts and responsibility.

‘You know yourself I have multiple videos that will end your career in one post. I’ll have my attorney at the Bengals facility in 2.5 seconds. You know wassup.’ 

Jason Lampert, Chase’s attorney, rejected the accusations in a statement: ‘Ja’Marr categorically denies the false allegations of abuse being made against him. He will not sit back passively while his reputation is being attacked, continually harassed, and defamed by the false accuser. 

At present, it is uncertain what specific accusation the model is making against Chase in these posts. Additionally, there is no indication that Chase was responsible for the injuries and marks.

Some Amazing facts about JaMarr Chase girlfriend, Jalyn Michelle

  • Jalyn Michelle is a popular YouTuber and a well-known social media influencer.
  • She has currently more than 300k subscribers on her YouTube channel.
  • Jalyn Michelle is rumored to be in a strong relationship with the NFL star JaMarr Chase.
  • She was previously in a relationship with his Co-YouTube Partner.
  • Jalyn has currently 764k followers on her Instagram.
  • The rumors came into the public eye when Jalyn went on to support JaMarr Chase during a match.
  • She shared JaMarr Chase’s jersey on her Instagram stories.

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Q. Who is Ja Marr Chase Girlfriend?

Ans: Famous Youtuber and social media influencer Jalyn Michelle is rumored to be the girlfriend of the Bengals’ wide receiver Ja Marr Chase.

Q. Who is Ja Marr Chase Ex-Girlfriend?

Ans: Ja Marr Chase was reportedly in a relationship with Insta Model, Amber Nicole.

Q. Who is Amber Nicole?

Ans: Amber Nicole is the ex-girlfriend of Bengals wide receiver Ja Marr Chase. JaMarr had a long feud with Ambar and the matter went viral on the internet. Ambar shared screenshots and stories about their fight.

Q. Who is the father of Jalyn Michelle’s baby?

Ans: Youtuber and Instagram Influencer Jalyn Michelle has not shared the information about the father of the baby. But many fans reportedly say that JaMarr Chase is the father.

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