Who is Juju Smith Schuster girlfriend? His relationships with Mia Khalifa, Alessandra Gesiotto and Rheannon Guy

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Key Takeaways

  • JuJu Smith-Schuster, a standout NFL wide receiver, remains a hot topic, not only for his on-field prowess but also for rumored connections with Alessandra Gesiotto, Rheannon Guy, and Mia Khalifa.
  • Despite media speculation, JuJu has not confirmed any relationships, keeping his personal life private.
  • Smith-Schuster’s NFL journey, achievements, social media prominence, and esports involvement contribute to his marketability.

Due to his rare wide receiving skills, JuJu Smith-Schuster has become widely recognized in the NFL. Yet, still, new information regarding Juju Smith Schuster girlfriend and his private life has come to light.

Fans and marketers have taken notice of JuJu due to his incredible on-field performances, social media presence, and involvement in esports. 

Let’s study Juju Smith Schuster’s wife’s rumors, career, net worth, and recent injury concerns in more detail.

Juju Smith Schuster girlfriend

The professional football player Juju Smith-Schuster is single at the moment, and there are rumors regarding his personal life.

As of right now, JuJu has not publicly confirmed any of the rumors that have been circulating about possible Juju Smith Schuster girlfriends list with Alessandra Gesiotto, Rheannon Guy, or Mia Khalifa.

Even though reporters and fans have been interested in learning more about Juju’s personal life, he has been able to keep it under covers to maintain some mystery.

The wide receiver has not released any public announcements about plans or engagements that might suggest a coming marriage; instead, it seems like his career is his primary focus.

Juju Smith Schuster girlfriend Alessandra Gesiotto

Alessandra Gesiotto Instagram: CLICK HERE

As an NFL player, Juju Smith Schuster is familiar with the spotlight, alongside searches about his personal life are frequently raised.

Since Juju would rather not talk about it publicly, rumors that Juju Smith Schuster girlfriend Alessandra Gesiotto is involved created a lot of excitement in the media.

Alessandra Gesiotto is of Italian descent and is originally from Ohio. She is the younger sister of Madison Gesiotto Gilbert, a political candidate as well as an attorney.

Juju Smith Schuster and Alessandra Gesiotto
Juju Smith Schuster and Alessandra Gesiotto Source:- juju;s and Alessandra’s Instagram

She joined The Non-Fungible Times as Head of Marketing shortly after graduating from Pepperdine University in 2021.

Alessandra is a great friend of Juju’s who regularly shares photos of his dog on her Instagram account, even though she desires to keep it private. They were spotted together to celebrate Alessandra’s birthday at Craig’s Restaurant, but there have not been any verified rumors of a romantic relationship between them.

Juju Smith Schuster girlfriend Rheannon Guy

Rheannon Guy Instagram: CLICK HERE

The gorgeous model Rheannon Guy is presently spotting NFL player JuJu Smith Schuster’s valentine. She is considered an open-minded person with excellent social abilities. Rheannon is a great WAG option and has the potential to become well-known on her own.

She chose to change her last name in honor of her stepfather because her biological father was no longer as active in her life. After completing her studies at Jackson High School, she enrolled at Pepperdine University.

For numerous young women, she has been an inspiration and trusted guide. Through her acting, modeling, and voiceover work for videos, as well as YouTube channels which she hopes will be profitable endeavors, she currently owns an important fortune.

Juju Smith Schuster and Rheannon Guy
Juju Smith Schuster and Rheannon Guy Source:-juju Smith and Rheannon Guy Instagram

People following Juju Smith Schuster girlfriend videos have been viewed millions of times online because of her positive outlook on life and her willingness to try new things fearlessly.

Juju Smith Schuster girlfriend Mia Khalifa

Mia Khalifa Instagram: CLICK HERE

Another rumor of fans discussing Juju Smith-Schuster girlfriend Mia Khalifa recently shared on social media how much she values the Chiefs’ Juju Smith-Schuster, the wide receiver for the Steelers.

Since this initially appeared to be a harmless enough situation, Smith-Schuster quickly blocked Mia Khalifa’s attempts to contact him on social media by replying with funny gifs that made it clear he had no interest in engaging with her.

Famous for hosting the sports program “Out of Bounds” and appearing in adult films, Khalifa Khalifa gained fame when she began a close romantic relationship with rapper Jhay Cortez.

Until their breakup in 2022, she posted cryptic messages on Twitter and TikTok about the relationship’s possible failure and suggested that it was toxic.

Juju Smith Schuster and Mia Khalifa
Juju Smith Schuster and Mia Khalifa Source:-juju Smith and mia khalifa Instagram

As a warning, she left these unclear comments on both platforms, hinting at problems in their relationship.

Juju Smith Schuster Current Relationship Status

No confirmed relationships involving JuJu Smith-Schuster have been made public, even though the rumors surrounding his romantic life.

The NFL player is silent on rumors and news of Juju Smith Schuster girlfriend in the media.

What happened to JuJu Smith-Schuster?

With the New England Patriots, wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster traded a 3-year $25 million contract with them in the offseason of 2023.

He was unable to perform well on the field due to his injuries and Patriots inactive offense. He had only 6.1 average yards per catch as well as overall 86 yards.

During 5th week game, after suffering head injuries, JuJu Smith-Schuster missed a total of two more games. His medical report says the injury with an ankle problem. Because of this ankle injury, he also missed the next season. 

Juju Smith Schuster’s Early Life

Juju Smith Schuster graduated from the University of Southern California (USC) and after graduation, he started his NFL journey.

He was outstanding in his performance for the USC Trojans as well as he proved he is outstanding in his achievement.

In the second round of 2017, The Pittsburgh Steelers chose him based on his amazing performance rate on the field.

Juju Smith Schuster Achievement  

Since Juju joined the NFL, he has been one of the most influential players. Apart from his many NFL records, he is the first layer who scored 2 touchdowns in a passing game that is 97 yards in length.

Juju Smith Schuster is the youngest player who reached 2500 career receiving yards. Honest athlete’s work ethics and skills show his worth in the Juju Smith Schuster contract.

In the Pittsburgh Steelers organization, he has also broken numerous records.

Juju Smith Schuster Social Media

Juju Smith Schuster Instagram: CLICK HERE

Juju Smith Schuster Twitter: CLICK HERE

JuJu Smith Schuster TikTok: CLICK HERE

JuJu Smith Schuster is well-known for his active social media presence off the field. On social media sites like Instagram and Twitter, where JuJu Smith Schuster tweets interacts with fans, and shares details about his personal life, he built up a large following.

JuJu’s esports fervor is also widely known. He has worked with the well-known gaming group FaZe Clan and is the owner of the esports team Team Divide.

Juju Smith Schuster Net Worth

He is a rich man because of an NFL star. Recently the news Juju Smith Schuster’s net worth is $14 million.

In 2017, the Pittsburgh Steelers signed him for 4 years worth $4 million and even including a guarantee along with the signing amount.

He also decided to stick with the Steelers and signed $8 million in March 2021 for a 1-year contract.

JuJu Smith-Schuster injury update

But head coach Andy Reid says JuJu’s hamstring problem is not a long-term problem.

Juju Smith Schuster has experienced setbacks along with injuries and this is the most important thing from an athlete’s point of view because their career is bound due to such injuries. 

NFL star Juju Smith Schuster
NFL star Juju Smith Schuster

Juju Smith Schuster’s injury was mostly on his quad and hamstrings which caused the Raiders to select him as a doubtful for the game.

But one favorable angle is that head coach Andy Reid said, “JuJu’s hamstring issue is not a long-term problem”.

When making decisions, owners of fantasy teams should take his injury history to Juju Smith Schuster fantasy.

Juju Smith-Schuster latest news

Smith-Schuster had trouble staying healthy and was not able to prove himself as a reliable player in the Patriots passing game. A head injury that he suffered earlier in the season also hindered him.

The Patriots will be without one of their best-receiving options for the duration of the season with Smith-Schuster on injured reserve. In his absence, it is expected that Jakobi Meyers, DeVante Parker, and Kendrick Bourne will see more playing time.

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What Juju Smith Schuster’s news in the future with the Patriots includes is not known. In the offseason, he will be eligible to become a free agent, and it is possible that the team will not resign him.

All things considered, Smith-Schuster is having a difficult break, but he is still a young player with a lot of promise.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why did Juju Smith-Schuster leave the Chiefs?

After an excellent Juju Smith Schuster Chiefs season, he may have looked for a change of setting and an opportunity to prove himself in a new scheme.

2. Did JuJu Smith-Schuster dislocate his shoulder?

Yes, In Week 5 of the 2021 season, while playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers against the Denver Broncos, JuJu Smith-Schuster did dislocate his shoulder.

3. Does Juju Smith-Schuster have a kid?

No, JuJu Smith-Schuster does not appear to have any children, at least not according to any publicly.

4. Where is Juju Smith-Schuster from?

California, Long Beach is where JuJu Smith-Schuster was raised.

5. What happened to Juju Smith-Schuster’s dad?

The biological Juju Smith Schuster’s dad abandoned the family when he was a young child. There is no information about him or his situation that is available.

Final Note

There are still rumors surrounding Juju Smith Schuster girlfriend, given his reported connections with those like Alessandra Gesiotto, Rheannon Guy, and Mia Khalifa. But as of right now, a girlfriend is yet to be formally confirmed.

In the NFL, one of the most attractive wide receivers is now JuJu Smith-Schuster. Patriots’ Juju Smith Schuster’s outstanding on-field skills, consistent social media activity, and involvement in esports have made him a marketable player on and off the field.

Fans are expecting more record-breaking and memorable events from this rising star as he continues to make progress in his career.

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