Why Joy Taylor hates Dak Prescott? Here is the big reason

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Joy Taylor made shocking statement Dak Prescott

Fox Sports host and NFL analyst Joy Taylor is known for her controversial lines. The American media personality has faced criticism many times. 

Currently, she is facing a lot of criticism and scrutiny for what she said about  Dallas Cowboys star quarterback Dak Prescott.  

Prescott is a big reason why the Cowboys has a back to back wins in 12 seasons and went to playoffs but they failed in the postseason. 

Unfortunately, Dak Prescott is also one of the reasons why they have been defeated back-to-back years against the San Francisco 49ers. Many cite him as the reason Dallas did not win the Super Bowl.

Joy Taylor added some more talk on this. In a recent episode of Speak, Taylor insisted that Prescott was not talented enough to earn a place in the NFC Championship Game. 

Joy Taylor
Joy Taylor (Source- Instagram)

“Dak Prescott is not that talented,” She said. “We’ve seen that he’s good enough to get the team to the playoffs. Kirk Cousins does that. He’s good enough to win a playoff game. Kirk does that.

“He’s good enough to have a high-flying offense, good regular season record, win a division and all those things are inherently good things they make you a franchise quarterback. You will get paid for doing that. You will get endorsements doing that. You will be the face of a franchise doing that.

She further said, “But we don’t have to talk about you as if you are a Super Bowl contender doing that. Forget talking about a Super Bowl. Get to an NFC championship game. Dak has been the reason why they have lost multiple years against the same team.”

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“I think Dak is a great face of an organization. I think he does a tremendous job being the face of the Dallas Cowboys, which I think is actually a very difficult thing of what you have to do between the lines. I think he’s talented enough to win regular season games, to win the division, to put up big numbers, to get to the playoffs, to win a playoff game. He’s done all those things.”

But many fans were not happy with Joy Taylor’s take.

“Slow news week 😂 that’s why I listen to Mina Kimes she be talking ball 🤷🏾‍♂️ not this context free bubble gum stuff,” one fans said. 

Jimmy G, Brock Purdy and Case Keenum have all played in the NFC Championship since 2018. Which of them are more talented than Dak, @JoyTaylorTalks? a fan asked. 

“This is just stupid commentary a year after Brock Purdy got there. It’s about the team,” said Cowboys writer Clarence Hill Jr. 

“In all seriousness ESPN and FS1 needs to do something about these paid actors and clickbait artists,” said another fan. “They are ruining Sports talk shows with their outlandish takes.”

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