Meet Adrian Martinez Girlfriend Marisa, a hot model and star athlete

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Adrian Martinez girlfriend is a star athlete and hot model

Adrian Martinez, the quarterback of the Detroit Lions has announced some good news to his fans. Former Nebraska QB is enjoying life very much and he credits his happiness to his girlfriend Marisa Weichel. Adrian is known for his outstanding performance as a quarterback in the NFL  but his dating life is also very much exciting. 

Who is Marisa Weichel, Adrian Martinez girlfriend? 

Adrian Martinez girlfriend
Adrian Martinez girlfriend

Marisa Weichel is the hot and beautiful girlfriend of quarterback Adrian Martinez. They are known to be dating since 2020. Marisa is a star athlete who plays soccer for Kansas State.

Full NameMarisa Weichel
Date of BirthAugust 10, 2000
Birth PlacePapillion Nebraska
Mother’s NameMark Weichel
Father’s NameJennifer Weichel
SiblingsMaddie , Nathan and NoahWeichel
High SchoolPapillion-La Vista South High School
UniversityUniversity of Texas
Marital StatusUnmarried
Popular ForAdrian Martinez girlfriend
Children’s NameN/A
Social MediaInstagram, Twitter
Adrian Martinez girlfriend

She plays as a forward in the team. Marisa was born on August 10, 2000, and is a resident of Papillion Nebraska. Martinez played college football at Nebraska. 

Marisa Wechiel 20
Marisa Wechiel 20

Marisa attended her high school at Papillion-La Vista South Higher School. She moved to Texas Tech to complete her college education. 

Thereafter she went to Kansas State for her football career. Along with football career, she also read nutrition and health. She majored in nutrition and health. 

Marisa Weichel family

Marisa, a Kansas State soccer forward is the daughter of Mark and Jennifer Weichel. Her dad Mark is a former footballer who played for South Dakota. She has three siblings, Maddie, Nathan and Noah.

Her sister Maddie is also a star player and plays soccer for Kansas State as a junior.  Marisa and her sister Maddie’s career seems alike. She is also a forward in the team and majoring in nutrition and health as Marisa was doing. 

Marisa Weichel’s Fiance and Boyfriend: Adrian Martinez

Detriot Lions star quarterback Adrian Martinez was born on 7 January 2000 in Fresno, California, United States. He did his high school in California and went to Nebraska for his college career.

He actually made his name in his college. He got famous in college when he became the starting quarterback of the Cornhuskers program. Currently, he has an undrafted rookie deal with the Detroit Lions.

How did Adrian and Marisa meet?

Marisa, who herself belongs to Papillion, Nebraska was a big fan of the university but was not much interested in football. Maybe that’s why she was not surprised when they met as she says. 

Adrian Martinez and Marisa Wechiel
Adrian Martinez and Marisa Wechiel

As per Kansas State Collegian, she said, “I kind of knew who he was because I’m from Nebraska, but I was never really the biggest football fan. It was in the summer, some people had some people over, and we kind of just hit it off.”

This was the time when they first met and the love birds started dating.  Adrian said the relationship started and it was because she didn’t just see him as the Nebraska quarterback, she could see the real person inside of him. 

Even after they started daring, they were in a long-distance relationship. At that time, Marisa was a soccer player playing at Texas Tech and Martinez was in Nebraska.

How did Adrian and Marisa start living together?

The wonderful love story started at the time of the pandemic and it was very exacerbated as they were apart for 4-5 months. Marisa then decided to move closer to both her love and family and chose to attend Kansas State.

Adrian and Marisa together holding hands
Adrian and Marisa together holding hands

She said, “It’s amazing. I wanted to come closer to home, but he was part of that reason too. Seeing him in person is like a mental break I think for both of us.

With school and both of our sports, it can be a lot, so honestly, when we’re together, we’ll talk about our days and then say, ‘OK, we’re not talking about sports anymore.’ You have to give yourself that break. He’s really helped me be able to do that. It helps me enjoy it more.”

Even after moving to Kansas State, Adrian was still not in touch with his girlfriend. He was in Nebraska. But this doesn’t make their love fade rather it makes their bond more strong. 

When did Marisa become the Fiance of Adrian Martinez?

After it was confirmed that Adrian Martinez is joining the Detriot Lions, it was a new chapter of life for him.  Before he got picked up by the Lions as an undrafted free agent, he proposed to his girlfriend Marisa Wechiel and then she officially became her fiance.

Adrian Martinez girlfriend Nebraska

Adrain Martinez and star athlete Marisa Wechiel went through many hard times but still made up to this stage, only true love can be made this far. Recently, both Adrian and Wechiel shared their proposal images with their fans on their Instagram. 

Adrain Matinez girlfriend’s net worth

Adrain Martinez has become a much more popular star in 2023 and earning a lot. His girlfriend Marisa Weichel is also very popular. As per reports, Adrian Martnez’s net worth is $1 million. Adrian Martinez’s girlfriend Marisa’s net worth has been not revealed and it is private. 

Adrian Martinez age 

The popular quarterback Adrain Martinez who was picked up as an undrafted free agent was born on January 7, 2000, which makes him 23 years old in 2023. He was born in Fresno, California, United States.

Adrian Martinez’s girlfriend’s Marissa’s age

Marisa Wachiel is the hot, beautiful woman who is the girlfriend of quarterback Adrian Martinez. The popular athlete who plays for Kansas State was born on August 10, 2000. As of 2023, she is 22 years old and soon to become 23 in August. She is just 7 months younger than Adrian. 

Adrian Martinez and his girlfriend diet

Adrian Martinez and his girlfriend Marissa both are fitness freaks and never underestimate their health. One of the main focuses is to maintain health. An NFL player who plays at such a level is supposed to maintain health and stamina so that his game shouldn’t be affected. To maintain such good health and physique Adrian takes a healthy diet that contains oatmeal, greens, and proteins like steak, chicken, and salmon. His girlfriend Marissa is also a sportsperson and she also takes a healthy and balanced diet.

Marissa Wechiel Social media accounts 

Both Adrian and Marissa are quite famous on social media. Adrian has currently 44.8k followers on Instagram while Marisa has 5.4k followers on Instagram. Both regularly used to share photos of themselves and share their special moments with fans.

Marisa Wechiel
Marisa Wechiel

Adrian Martinez Twitter: Click Here

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Marisa Wechiel Twitter: Click Here

Marisa Wechiel Instagram: Click Here

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FAQs Related to Adrian Martinez Girlfriend

Q. Who is Adrian Martinez’s girlfriend?

The star athlete of Kansas State, Marisa Weichel is Adrian Martinez’s girlfriend.

Q. When Adrian Martinez and Marisa Weichel started dating?

Adrian and Marisa started dating during the Covid-19 pandemic in around 2020. They still made it by doing it long distance.

Q. Is Adrian Martinez’s Girlfriend Marisa Weichel Also An Athlete?

Yes, Adrian Martinez’s girlfriend is also an athlete. She plays soccer for Kansas State.

Q. Where did Adrian Martinez play his college football?

Adrian Martinez played his college football in Nebraska. His girlfriend Marisa also belongs to Nebraska.

Q. What is Adrian Martinez’s girlfriend’s age?

The popular athlete who plays for Kansas State was born on August 10, 2000. As of 2023, she is 22 years old and soon to become 23 in August. She is just 7 months younger than Adrian. 

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